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Website makes PC crash?


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So I was playing a very addicting flash game today, for which I made an account some time ago. The game is this, and to access my account I have to click "log in" in the game window.




Yesterday, I had no problems with this. But all day today, whenever I try to access the site, my computer crashes. First Google chrome stops loading the page, then my mouse freezes, then the computer is for all intents and purposes dead. I can't even CTRL+ALT+DEL out.


Is there any reason why this might occur?


I'm running Chrome with Adblock and a screen refresh plugin turned off by default. I have 4.00 Gb of RAM (3.74 Gb available). I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. My Java is Java 6 update 17. Flash player is the latest version. confused.gif


E: note that this site and its sub URLs are the only things that crash. Also, this doesn't happen in "Safe mode with networking".

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Do you have the latest version of Chrome? Have you tried reinstalling Chrome?


Have you tried loading the site on another browser?

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Sorry, I fixed it now. I went through my internet files and deleted all my stuff, cleared my history, and cleared all my Adobe flash website data across the board - I think this last bit is what fixed it.


You can bin this or lock it if you want to.


And before, it didn't work on IE and Chrome was up to date, so go figure.


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