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Surviving "Party's Over"


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(The Ballard of Gay Tony: PARTY'S OVER)

Perhaps the toughest mission in The Ballard of Gay Tony is the defense of club Maisonette 9 in the mission entitled Party's Over. I strongly suggest you get Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG's) as you will need them to finish it before going to the club. After a cut-scene in the men's room in Middle Park, you must proceed to Maisonette 9 where you will trigger events by entering - the scene with the doorman is merely detail and has no real purpose so just head inside and you will find Tony in the VIP lounge being threatened by the two thugs you just left. As with other missions in GTA-IV, a lot of how this level plays out is based on how many of the bad guys you can kill - not how long it takes you to do it, there is no time limit and combat events seem to be triggered by how many of the bad guys you take down.


After the cut-scene has played out and Tony and Luis find themselves besieged by Russians, you will have about five seconds to choose a place to survive what is going to be a very dramatic (and I discovered, repeatedly terminal) shootout. Tactically speaking the location the game defaults you too is a poorly defended position, with only a wooden barricade between you and massed Russian machine guns and the barricade does not allow you to get at them properly, in fact it is a major hindrance as you have to expose yourself to do damage to those who make it across the dance floor; so my suggestion is that you immediately move to the top of the stairs because although you will be exposed to Russian fire, you will also be in a more suitable position to take down anyone attempting to come up the steps - which incidentally is the greatest cause of my fatalities in the numerous times I attempted to complete this mission.


Now being at the top of the stairs has advantages and disadvantages, so lets review them.


PRO: An excellent field of fire in regards to surprising Russians entering the club from the far end (they only enter from the far end which makes things easier) - if you take out the thin ornamental partition walls at the far end of the club so you can better see them - you have approximately one and a half seconds of arc in regards to fire to get them with head and body shots as they come in. If you are at the very top of the stairs you can also aim directly down (relative to position) and kill any Russians who attempt to come up the steps, but watch out - they are very fast, but thankfully most of the time are not firing as they approach, so you can deal with them before they have a chance to outflank you.


CON: You cannot easily deal with the majority of Russian targets who are concentrating their fire on the balcony and Tony's position and who will be standing on or in the vicinity of the dance floor. A few will also make use of the palm tree, and therefore mean that you have to break cover and go down stairs to take them out. If you choose to go downstairs, stay on the left side of the staircase as you descend and take the Russians by surprise. This position allows you to see most of the dance floor, but the tree will still be blocking your view but you can inflict serious damage on the Russians from that position. Russians can rush you and if you miss them, they will go upstairs and shoot at Tony, so be sure to put down any of them before they get a chance.


My advice is, stick with the assault rifle - it can deliver maximum punishment and if you keep to short, controlled bursts of fire, aiming for their heads (assume they have body armor - but concentrated body shots also seem to work well) you can take them down. The best way to do this is to bottleneck as many of them as possible as they come down the far staircase and enter view - thinning out their numbers there makes things much easier. DO NOT under any circumstances use a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) as in the confined space it is a 50/50 chance as to whether or not you get caught in the explosion - I know its tempting, but there are NOT an infinite number of Russians - and the combat is keyed to clues in the exchange between Tony and Luis during combat.


Assuming that you begin counting when Luis arrives at the club, the cut-scene takes around three minutes to run, then you have to pick a position to be - preferably crouched to offer a smaller target before the Russians begin the assault. By my clock, the following dialogue seems to be linked to the situation (WARNING: Spoilers!)




03:36 Tony: "I bet you wished you killed me now, Lou!" (a small number of Russians will come in and take up position on the dance floor - some will attempt to rush the balcony)


03:43 Tony: "****, there's more of them!" (a small number of Russians enter, seemingly after you have thinned out the first group - it looks as if when they are down to two men shooting at you and Tony, they send in more)


Approximately four minutes into the siege (and remember I'm including the time to play out the cut-scene here) the Russians begin to assemble into a mass of targets grouped together on the dance floor and carry on concentrating their fire on Tony's position - strangely he seems to be pretty much unscathed, which is because he is necessary to the plot and therefore at this point not likely to be killed, so concentrate on keeping your own ass intact and worry less about his health. Since they are busy concentrating on him, this in effect gives you a three or four second lull in combat to go get the health pickup on the wall on the balcony - assuming you need it ... however, soon after this, one or more of the Russians will make an attempt on getting up to the balcony via the staircase, so get back to your former position and vigorously defend it - if possible, thin out their numbers as much as possible on the dance floor. This action seems to trigger the last assault wave - the moment the Russians are reduced to three or less men, more will pour in for one last assault on you inside the club.


04:51 Tony: "No ****ing respect! These dicks!" (etc. in my case much the dialogue was lost due to gunfire)


04:58 Tony: "Are you joking? More of these bastards!"


05:01 Tony: "Rocco wasn't bull****ing about the Russian hit squad!" (this marks the beginning of the last wave of Russians to attack you - they will bunch up at the far end of the club, assuming you have not killed them, and from that position, hardly concealed at all, concentrate all of their fire on the balcony, so you can ice as many as possible ... but be advised, it gets pretty intense at this point and all you can hope to do is not be hit as by now unless you are really good at this, you will be probably be looking at a flashing health bar).


05:15 Tony: "Perfect, more goons to ruin my club!" (then the cell phone rings, Tony picks up the call - in the middle of combat no less - and a brief conversation takes place, in which he says in part, "What's happening? Are you ****ing kidding me? Get out of here!") This marks the end of the club assault scene and all you have to do is finish off any die-hards in the club.




A cut-scene plays out in which you see a Russian mob car pull up outside as relayed by the CCTV and screech to a halt. Tony will come down and head for the entrance to the club, but wants you to deal with anyone who may be outside. First, take full advantage of all of the free weapons the deceased Russians have left behind - never waste an opportunity to save money. Compared to the Russians inside the club, the ones outside will be a mere annoyance, but before you engage them first go to the office and get both the health (if you need it) and the body armor and then with a machine gun or RPG selected, your choice - I preferred the RPG - and crouched, carefully inch out of the door so you can have a good look around to see where the bad guys are coming at you from. I suspect the Russians will not attempt to come in, so if necessary go back inside at any point to give yourself breathing space and a chance to solution the situation.


NOTE: The Russians will be hell-bent on ending you at relatively close range, so my advice is DON'T pussyfoot around, do whatever is necessary as quickly as possible to erase them. There will be a car in front of you as you exit the club, DO NOT destroy it, as it acts as a makeshift barrier between them and you.


[enemy vehicles 1 and 2] You already know there is a car outside - which as you exit will be slightly off to your right and ahead of you, but you will see a car approaching at speed from your left which screeches to halt and which will disgorge more Russians, use the RPG (or machine gun) to take them down, starting with the one on the left and then moving to the one on the right. Using two RPG rounds, the bad guys are pretty much some other universe's problem.


[enemy vehicle 3] You can choose to stand outside or duck back inside for cover, but whatever you choose, another car will now appear, hard right of your position and more goons will climb out - RPG takes care of that problem.


[enemy vehicles 4 and 5] Now a car full of Russians will appear on your far left, take them down in the same way - either an RPG or assault rifle, but watch out while you are dealing with them a mob motorcycle will come in from the left, zoom past and park up on the immediate right, next to the front of the car you are behind and two men will open up with assault rifles, so be prepared to take them down.


[enemy vehicle 6] The Russians make one last assault on you; a vehicle screeches to halt on your left and two Russians climb out armed with assault rifles - an RPG round takes care of both of them. Congratulations, if you have survived that lot, Tony will be safe and you have finished - what is more, you survived the assault on Maisonette 9.

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Thank you for the kind words, .Olbricht. - if somebody can move it, this would be very much appreciated. Sorry for the length of my replies, but I strive for detail when replying. Subsequently this makes for longer than normal postings, but if they are well written, they often impart considerable information saving the viewer from having to seek it elsewhere.

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