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Crazy Out OF Control Boat Bug


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I wonder has anybody else had this problem and found a fix. This wasn't a issue before, but it seem one of my mods caused this and I have no idea what. When I go to certain parts of LC, my game starts to slow down. This is very annoying. I hope someone here with knowledge can help me with this.

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I never saw such bug. The poor captain!


Could be caused by a mod. Try to disable/delete/backup your mods one by one. Then look if the bug still occurs. That´s the only way.

I´m pretty sure this is not an original game bug, never heard of such.

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Mr. Violence

maybe if you listed all the mods you are using then we could try and work out which one is most likely to cause it

it's very unique

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I've Have put so many in there that I can't recall what I used. It could be realism IV but I'm not sure. I don't wanna reinstall and go back to installing all the mods again

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