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Parachute Bug

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This may have been posted elsewhere, if so, forgive me - I was unable to find it so here is my version.


I just completed the mission, (The Ballard of Gay Tony) "Dropping In" and because of circumstances outside of my control failed to land on the truck and had to escape on foot. Anyway, following the mission, noticed that the parachute was still attached to Luis and could not be taken off - even selecting the option of wearing a parachute failed to remove it. The solution is simple -- go home, activate the change clothes option -- but do not change clothing, simply cancel the clothing change and the clothing you are wearing will be displayed, minus the parachute. (bug verified on PC version of game)

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GTA Phreak

Err, I wouldn't call that a bug. Once you put the chute on your back you can't manually remove it (w/o actually using it).

The special thing about "Dropping In" is that you have an infinite supply of parachutes.


Several actions will remove it from your back and put it back in your inventory, ex:

Getting wasted

Booty Call

Save and reload

Changing clothes

Playing golf

Mission replay (might remove all your parachutes)

Basejumps, Races (!)


Beware that you can actually carry 2 parachutes, one on your back and one in your inventory. If you force the one on your back to be removed while you have one in you inventory means you will have lost a parachute.


If you enter a vehicle with a parachute selected it might automatically be put on your back. To avoid, select the parachute and wait until the icon has faded +1s before entering a vehicle.

Unique stunt jumps and exiting a vehicle mid-air behaves differently depending on whether you're wearing a chute or not!


Also, there's a glitch where the parachute on your back might be invisible (putting on a new one before the spent one has faded).


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Appreciate knowing that - an infinite supply certainly explains why it would not remove AFTER the mission ended.

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