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Problem started from nothing


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I have some news. I'm gonna work on this mission pack, as a remake of Forum Story.


I already have some DYOM users who gave me a permission to be in this pack.




Introduction/The city of lights - In this mission, Sat arrives from Liberty City to SF, to his brother, Clyde.


more soon...




Here you can see some members that will take a part here.



MP name Forum name
Sat Ivans SatournFan
Clyde Ivans COOLMAN12234555896
Matias mati
Jet jetjatin
Markus Johnson pauliux2
Jimmy Leppard Jimmy Leppard
Seville Cheng SevilleCheng
Narcis_speed6 Eduard Ivans
Alif alifjenius
Goran Gorgonit
John Secronom Secronom President
Malik maliksusanto
Patrick Jasko PatrickW
Nite-O Nitesh aka AAAAAAA
Leonardo "Casa Jey" Guliamo leoncj
Gerardo Guliamo guib
Tony Sage TonyCJ
Sorry for so decent topic construction, I have no time to design it better. Edited by SatournFan
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so called DLCs


Secronom's Path




This DLC is about how John Secronom became secret agent and shows his work.



Guliamo's Treasure




This DLC tells us about Leonardo Guliamo's trasure: how it was found and how it was stolen. Also, this will tell us about how Leonardo betrayed Clyde and his gang.

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Leonardo Casa Jey leoncj



How cute, cool.gif .


Goodluck with this. ^^

I'll be trying this for sure.

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Thanks, guys.


alif~ Well, I put you for your effort here, another way you must post in the topic.


Nitesh, Gorg~ Added. If you want another role or name, PM me or post the request here.


Also, this is kinda not a multi-project, but a one man project, I'll make... Well, no spoilers.


LCJ~ I must make at least one famous DYOM designer to be hostile. You're gonna be the mafia boss.


Also, the first mission will be realeased today.

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