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Cops/Civilians Roleplay


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Me and a couple of my friends are doing a Cops/Civilians roleplay. If you are interested in playing please fill out the form below.

*If you know nothing about Law Enforcement pease don't apply for cop.*





Civilian or Cop:



If you have any questions please message:

-Enjoy That Frag


*Do NOT friend request or private chat.

*Messages for questions ONLY.


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Please refrain from unnecessarily bumping your topics, especially after such a short period. You need to embody patience and expect that hosting an event takes some risk and luck in order to work. Due to the nature of this section, not all events get the attention they need and deserve.


However, to combat this you can put more information and design into your original post in order to help attract participants and give your event distinction, as opposed to bumping your topic with pleading. There are options out there for you to experiment with, and if you show motivation and dedication in regards to this then perhaps you may be fortunate enough to host a successful event.

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i thought u wanted to b back in my rp clan? i guess not w.e good luck

Well you never got back to me. And mine is not a clan it's just a fun roleplay.

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well i forgot to and mine is a rp clan meaning u can not make other ones while ur in it which i am not saying you shouldnt or cant but your gonna have to decide between LC:RP and this. i am not trying to b rude its just LC:RP is a serious, legit RP clan

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actually if i recall i came into the game and u guys were already f*cking around. u guys were blowing up each others cars n running each other over so nobody could get out of spawn i barely even played i sat there for most tof the time looking up houses for u, so if your going to try to b ignorant make sure u know what your talking about first, because the second i blew up ur car (after u guys chased me down n blew up mine) u kicked me, so dont blame sh*t on me when i remember exactly how it happened i have good memory kid.

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