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Black Mesa


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You can lock this topic if this is spam, or because.its mot released yet or whatever so....


From Wikipedia

Black Mesa (previously known as Black Mesa: Source) is a third-party total conversion modification for Valve Corporation's Source Engine. The stated goal of the project is to recreate Valve's critically acclaimed 1998 video game Half-Life using the more advanced capabilities of the Source Engine. The 40-person volunteer development team says they hope to create a more engrossing in-game world with more varied, complex environments and more challenging, realistic gameplay. During its six years in development, Black Mesa has been featured in several video game publications and received direct attention from Valve. Due to its long development time the mod has more recently become notable for its delays and dwindling updates on the status of its completion leading to it taking high spots on Wired Magazine's Vaporware of the year list in 2009 and again in 2010.[3] The developers plan to release the game as a free download when completed





12 January 2012

Screenies!!!!!user posted image



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this is just another Duke Nukem Forever

But it's free and created by people, who do this in their spare time. Mods like this, always take a really f*cking long time. Another example, Goldeye source, another mod that is recreating a famous and very good game, though they at least have the multiplayer released.


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Yeah, but there hasnt been an official update for haf a year (or more) now. And it was supposed to come out like a year ago.

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