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Taking pity


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You know the situation, you are having a one on one with somebody in freemode, which they started. I had one the other day, he managed to kill me once, shot me in my car, and even before I got him back the hatemail starts "f*cking loser" ect. So I was right up for it now, anyway I got my revenge 10 times over, everything from grenades out of cars, plane old pistol, machine guns to sniper shots......and of coarse the hatemail continues. In the end he resorted to trying to blade me. In the end I was feeling a little sorry for the guy, thinking please dont come after me again im starting to feel like a c*nt! So I got out the car and pretended to still be putting up a fight but missing on purpose...and let him blade me so he could get a kill, ive done it a few times over the years.


Just wonderd if anyone has given a kill away to make someone feel better, even when they are calling you all the names under the sun?

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For that behaviour you should have hammered again another 20 times then kicked them.


I show mercy to people who politely ask me not to kill them. The rest that shout obscenities would get a severe pasting until they rage-quit.

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For that behaviour you should have hammered again another 20 times then kicked them.



Yeah your probably right, after he "killed me" I got another "f*ck you loser" for good measure lol, but I didn't care, I know he was a lot more pissed off than me.


One thing that is anoying though is giving someone the benifit of the doubt and getting f*cked up the ass for your trouble, like when someone honks on the car horn to give you a lift then as soon as you get in they get out and shoot you in the head while your sat there like a mug lol.


But the only time il usually travel with someone else is when the map is anoyingly void of all cars and its a f*cking long walk!


The amount of times I could have killed but didn't....only to be killed is too f*cking many, im too trusting in this game.


Sometimes il give a few warning shots to honkers rather than shoot them, but if they go on too long then its a bullet in the head, nothing more anoying than a rellentless honker lol

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I had it the other way round. I joined a random freemode session. 3 guys online. Airport. My character spawned at the tower, next to the bulletproof vest and the sentinel.


I was fixing something to eat and was afk. One guy rolled over me, killed me, who was obviously afk.

He did it over and over.


When I finished eating and took back control I saw his car driving into me but I turned and shot him.


I killed him plenty of times more...receiving hate mails, usual procedure.


However, nice of you to give him these kills as a gift. I usually don't act like that. icon14.gif

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I never play freemode, but I know what you mean by taking pity on lesser players.


In cops n crooks, I've always felt bad for noobs that don't stand a chance, as host there are a few things I do to ensure that all players no matter how good or bad, can get a kill, one thing is by making weapons "ALL", ( gives them the option to use any weapon including the most cheapest - RPG's to stand a chance of killing a decent shooter).

The worse settings that a lot of the higher ranked players pick to play against noobs is just "rifles". barf8bd.gif


I feel bad for noobs, because instead of enjoying the game, they will end up playing it once and never playing it again, because if all they ever do is die over and over again, its hardly going to be any fun.


I don't let noobs kill me though, but I will attempt to kill them knowing that they are armed with an SMG, a rifle, a shotgun or even an RPG, with nothing more than a pistol, thus giving them a great chance, I play for fun, not for great stats.


If someone sends me hate mail (which happens a lot) - I know that they take it too seriously and just laugh at it. lol.gif



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AWWW you guys are such sweethearts. Im even thinking of changing my ways.Normally I just open up on them and give them the full force without mercy. "Mercy is for the weak...We dont train to be merciful here". After reading this you guys have pulled on my heart strings.


AJ I always knew we were at different ends of spectrum when it come to this. You show true leadership and are fair and just. I rule with the Iron fist and get the job done no matter what sacrifices need to be made.If a few noobs need to be sacrificed to keep me ahead of AA scum on the ranks then thats what will happen. Tough love troops. If the noobs start to match us then they are improving. As far as im concerned they start the game with the same weapons and advantage as us.Its fair game when petrovic makes the call. Why not pick one lucky noob and give him a chance at Damned membership


As for hate mail...I love it. Getting a good bit of hate mail is better then getting trophies, it lets us know were at the top of our game. In fact AJ lets start collecting Hate mail.



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I can completely agree with the whole 'taking it easy on the noobs' thing.

I remember doing it often. But i soon realised they didnt see me as a challenge, then they soon left the game (bearing in mind these were games in which i was alone pitted against several of them). So i had to change my tactics a tad colgate.gif


Like ajbns87 said, you feel like your putting them off the game. Especially the ones willing to change their game settings to disallow in the first place.

I usually team up with the 'noobs' in the first place. Why let the knobish level 10's unfairly stack a game against them? first of all it removes any challenge. its purely done for stats and nothing else. Players like that piss me off sneaky2.gif





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if i find that i'm beating up on someone who is obviously not as good, i'll back off and just play defense, not pursue...if hate mail starts rolling in then its on.

sometimes i'll get a friend request from someone i've been beating up on, and i'll leave them alone.

even tho its freemode, i believe in some type of sportsmanship.

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