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Girlfriend dating glitch


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Okay, so, I actually discovered this by accident. The glitch is that if your girlfriend requires a specific stat to go out with her (e.g. with Barbara, a high fat stat), if you arrive to her pick-up site on any motorbike, this statistic requirement will be bypassed and you will be allowed to date her (but you will need a motorbike each time you return to pick her up). I'm not sure if this works when asking them to become your girlfriend at first. This glitch can be done even on the newer versions of San Andreas.

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Just tried it with a Wayfarer Motorcycle. No Go with: 99% muscle, 45% fat, near 50% sex appeal. and of course No Oysters. (Edition 2 game)

What were the specs of your CJ when you got the Date.

More important is did you have all the Oysters?


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Well I have the Trilogy I believe (not sure though since my Gamestop didn't give me a case)


0% fat


20% Sex appeal lol

I don't have any oysters

Maybe because you have 50% sex appeal? I tested this with both my own and my friend's game. I have the Ps2 and he has the Xbox.

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And sadly, we have the PC. It didn't work here either. Not with the Wayfarer, nor the Freeway, nor the PCJ.

Wow, maybe its only on consoles?

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