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I'm new in this forum! i need help, please do not speak slang. Becaus i don't speack english very well.

I instal a MODS in mi GTA SA, but now the game appear a menssage "Memori Can't Be "Written" . and i dont have a CD for re-installation. now i ask excuses if i break de rules of the fórum. Because i don't know how are.


please help me!

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This is why you should always make backups before installing mods. I'm sorry we won't be able to help you if you don't have the disc. I suggest you purchase the game again and reinstall it.

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Where to (Buy) Download:

Direct2Drive.com (for PC and MAC)


Wikipedia: Steam (software)


Rockstar Warehouse for boxed games:

Buy Now PS2, XBOX, PC.

Rockstar Site

Also generally available at on-line sites…

Amazon.com (I got a replacement copy for 10.00$US)


E-Bay (you might find a First Edition if you’re lucky),

GameStop, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and their dot coms, etc.

also, if you’re lucky some local Pawn shops, Swap meets/Flea Markets (But, beware of Pirated games. The Game comes on a single DVD not CD’s.

A Note for potential Modders:

Modding is easy with First Edition (Version 1 games are Hard to find).

Not so easy unless you work at it with Second Edition (Version 2 games on a DVD Disc. These are Currently available.)

Version 3 games are Not able to be Modded. (Downloads).



And to End: This part of the Forums is Not to Help with modded or modding The Game.

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