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Things To Do In SA 'till You're Dead Vol. 1

Illusive Prime

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Illusive Prime

I love this mod but on many missions the games crash the game.


Including missions like OG Loc when i give chase to Fredy.


And one that i'm stuck on the mission "Jizzy".


The mission goes on as normal but when i go back to the Hotel to save the Ho from the Precher and the protection car.


It's when i drive to or evan near the Hotel the game then crashes or when i reach the Hotel it crashes then.


Also every mission i copmplete and go on the next one it crashes also.


I have no mod on the game except the one that were put on in the installation.


Please help this is realy starting to get to me!

I'm on the verge of smahing my computer. lol



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Ive never tried that mod myself, but, I do know if your using a no-cd patch the game will have trouble. I recall the maker of the mod stating that. So if your not already, try playing the game using the disk and see if it gets more stable. Otherwise I have no idea.



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