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You'll get the hang of it, its not really complicated. collect runes to acquire new powers. thats it, bone charms are things you strap on your jacket that also give you minimal powers/abilities. you can ignore finding bone charms if you want a good challenge though.

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My game crashes upon game launch on Windows 10 and I tried to run it  in compatibility mode windows 8 and as admin but it still crashes


Do you think  it's the 8-core processor needing to be changed to  a dual  use  processor???


I used this below  in Fallout 3  FALLOUT ini file in documents game folder


would this work below with this game in a ini file? 




Crash during startup [FIXED] <-- suggested fixes in the Dishonored steam  hub  discussion didn't work



I might have to  wright this game off as unplayable or broken ,  named a folder in my steam library  for it already called "Doesn't work Anymore"


sorry for the thread necromancy



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