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Modifiying DFF


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I just wan't to know how to modify original DFF.

i had already tried by importing it into 3Ds max, make changes, and export it to gta (i modified textures too).


but i notice somrthing strange

- black texture

- parts missing from the model

- game crashes sometimes


any help ? advice ? tutorial ? ....


thanks ^^

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It would probably help to upload the old and new dff, show in-game pic(s), and basically give more info than "a model i exported is black with bits missing and sometimes the game crashes". icon14.gif

What dff export settings did you use? Are you using the latest KAMS scripts?

What version of 3dsmax you using?

What was the entire process from the model being in 3dsmax to the exported .dff?

Did you set the textures to appear in 3dsmax?

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