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get secret cars


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This is for anyone that has a cheat device, such as a gameshark, action replay, codebreaker, or xploder.



You have to input the 'No Doors On Cars' code in first, then after the cutscene on the mission 'Riot', steal The Truth's Mothership, and drive it to your Muholland safehouse. Then, steal Cesar's red Savanna and drive it all the way to your Santa Maria Beach Safehouse.


Go back to where sweet is in his Greenwood, and kill him. Then take his car to the Santa Maria Beach Safehouse, too.


After that, SAVE YOUR GAME.


When it saves successfully, you'll have every one of their cars, even The Truth's Mothership, with that hippie paint scheme, too.


The best part about this is that they DO NOT disappear even AFTER beating that mission. colgate.gifcolgate.gifcolgate.gifcolgate.gifcolgate.gif

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As far as I know, you don't need a cheat device to get any of those vehicles. I know that the mothership can easily be taken by shooting the truth out of it and driving it to your safe house. Here's a list on GTAnet for the complete list on how to get all the best rare vehicles.




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yes you need a cheat device, because I had Thermal goggles activated at the time, and only Sweet's Greenwood was pink/red instead of blue, which means The Truth wasn't in that car.

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They always seem to be locked for me.


How 'bout taking the Tow Truck or Tractor, and tow them tow garage.

They aren't really Secret cars, only Unique Cars, Secret Vehicles are Andromada and FBI Truck.

S.W.A.T. isn't it appears it a mission, and easy to get (Andromada appears too, though you never fly it, nor do you

see it's name.

Especially Savanna isn't, you can get it's colour in Loco Low Co.

Mothership is unique, it has unique paintjob.

It's just a normal Camper with paintjob.

But yeah, you might lose it's paint job later ;(.

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But, when I got The Mothership, and failed that mission, it still stayed in my garage, so I saved it, and the Mothership and its unique paintjob was still there.

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People...This is the PS2 you're talking about Here.

There are many existing topics For PC gets...

Proofed car “Official” unofficial System Error’s guide Update.

Proofed cars from Girlfriends

Modding proofed cars?

Mothership from Black Project

How to get an almost BP without cheat

Vialpando’s BP Savanna

House Party BP/FP Greenwood

BP/FP Voodoo

Where are the bulletproof cars?

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