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Gta IV Shader Hack İs it possible


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We must have a card supported shader model 3.0 to run Bioshock.But Bioshocks fans are hacked bioshock to run shader model 2.0.Fans hacked bioshock by edit shader files of bioshock.


Now I have answer.There is shader folder in gta ıv.Can we edit shader files in gta ıv and after edited Can we play gta ıv shader model 2.0


What do you think? Can it be? İs it possible?




I am Turkish.If I mistake while I speaking English I am sorry.

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How impatient can you be? You're just spamming now. Consider yourself lucky I'm not warning you. But this topic is getting locked.


You can re-post this topic after 24 hours and make sure you don't repeat this.

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