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My Retextures


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I Found A Leon Kennedy Model Made From Scratch,

It Was Good,But I Retextured Him Like A Dark Guy,Gothic Style And It's Awesome,

Let me Know What You Think



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Try to keep the original texture details, it looks very bad if you just fill the texture with black. But its not a bad work.)

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Thanks Base 5 biggrin.gif

But The Original ped Was This...I Only Changed Hair,Cothes Colour And I Add Make Up...The Face Was Already Like This...But WIthout Black Eyes And Mouth

PS Are You Base 5 From Base 5 Site?

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Well, I was refering to hair and clothes generally.

Its better if you keep the original texture details while you change the colour on clothes, hair or make-up.

If you have a white shirt with some wrinkles you have to keep the wrinkles detail when you change it to black,

and the same goes with hair and the rest of clothes...

P.S. Yeah, Its me.)

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Oh,Yeah I Got It Now cool.gif I Will Make A Better Version With Details...

PS SO Is The Mod I Asked Ready? sly.gif



PS I'm Shadow99 On Ur Site wink.gif

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Sorry to bring this back up. I've been kind of desperate to find a "gothic" style skin of some kind. And since you didn't give a "link" did you ever actually finish the model at all? And if so could I have it? I'd appreciate it. I can't seem to find any goth models at all anywhere.

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