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First off, I would like to state that I am not nor have I ever been a racist.


However, I hate the double standards. Blacks have created their own institutions and agencies specifically for blacks. Ex. The Black State of the Union address, what is the point of this? Other than to alienate yourself from other US citizens? The State Of the Union Address applies to ALL US citizens. Why is there not a White State of the Union Address?


Again this is just an example of a bigger problem. Races should stop separating themselves and focus on the problems in the world as a whole.

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Pretty much in agreement here. I am white, and have black friends. We generally f*ck around with each other a lot, but sometime guys can be guys and lines get crossed. I've gotten the whole, "It's cuz I'm black, right?" question, and I hate that sh*t. "What? No."


This is the advantage that the minorities have. They have the option of pulling the dreaded "race card" in order to make you seem like the bad guy. This has happened to me several times and almost cost me my job, and in every single one of those cases I was simply defending myself. Honestly I've seen more oppression against my own race in my lifetime, but nobody wants to call it oppression because that's a term reserved for the minorities. Personally, I feel it is them that bring the race issue to the table time and time again when everyone else would just rather not see people in terms of color.


The thing we have to understand though, is that we haven't been in their shoes. Where I live, I am actually about 75% more likely to get pulled over by a cop if I have a black or Mexican friend in my car. So I understand the need to identify and unify with people who share similar experiences, even if I don't agree with the ideological violence that this separation causes.

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It's because white privilege still exists, and is probably going to for a while at least (which isn't a good thing, but an underlying problem in society). Ever since there has been contact the white man has oppressed the black man. Obviously, we don't live in an era of slavery any more so it's not that bad, but there is a reason that (in the US*) more crime is committed by minority groups, and the reason that the median black income is something like 1/20th of the median white income (source).


It's not even concious discrimination that causes these things, minority groups are discriminated against by institutions without even thinking. A black person may be denied a job because they're black, therefore they're more likely to be from a poverty stricken household, therefore they're more likely to break the law and/or be violent, and that thought process isn't even on the surface, it's a subconscious reaction that occurs because of both societal conditioning and the way that post-civil war America has treated its black citizens.

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Is this what you mean?

Tavis Smiley State of the Black Union ends


I never noticed much until a comedian said:

"NAACP. Is the Negro, African-American, Coloured People's organization. If any two of them got together they'd kill each other."


Bias will occur even if everybody looked identical. Someone would notice a minor difference and make something of it.








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There is no real oppression. There is an inefficiency in the society. While equal rights of races is a good thing, the people of different races aren't actually the same. They have different strengths and weaknesses. These differences aren't typically as great as differences between random individuals, but statistical average is a powerful thing. Western society is based around strengths of European races. It should be obvious why. Our education system and businesses are such that they get best results with white males. So it's quite natural for these of them that are trying to make a profit to bias towards white males. This bias really does exist. It's just not there because of any racial dislike. It's simple business. Trying to force the education system and businesses to take in more people of racial minorities does not resolve the core problem. It merely makes the former less efficient, and everybody gets pissed off. Segregation seems like a good solution in theory, but it obviously does not work.


The only thing left is restructuring of the educational system. But it shouldn't be trying to bring everyone to the same level, like it does now, because the same level will be the lowest common denominator, and that's not the kind of education anyone will be happy with. Some people should be left behind. The curriculum, however, does need to take into account strengths of each individual. Completely individualized education is not possible, of course, but grouping people by their strengths should allow for all of them to receive a better education overall. And some of these groups will end up having more minorities, while others will have less. There will be different gender distributions as well. But the groups will be sufficiently mixed to avoid pitfalls of segregation, while allowing everyone to achieve their potential rather than struggle in alien environment.

Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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