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Bad performance, 2500K, 6870CF


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Ok, so here are my specs:

i5 2500K @4.2GHz

8Gb DDR3

2x 6870 1Gb

Gta IV installed on SSD

Lates ati catalyst.

Running ENB and ultimate textures 2.0 and I'm getting around 20-35fps when driving around in the city. Occasionally I get 40-50 in "empty" areas and indoors.

1920x1080, not even everything maxed out, tried putting the distances down but does not help much.

I thought I'd max this game without any trouble but seems as though I was wrong.

Monitoring my graphicscards activity and they are not maxed out at any time, CPU-load around 20-25%.


Any thoughts?

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GTA 4 ENB series will not run at a solid 60fps even with crossfire 6970's. This game doesn't support crossfire, so you're basically using a single 6870 to process all that graphical load. You're going to have to do some GPU overclocking, remove ENB or live with the framerate.

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Well, when using radeonpro to monitor the cards I see activity on both my cards so it seems gta does use it

It doesn't use it properly.


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If you were running GTA4 stock, you would get nice FPS.

But because of ENB and Ultimate Textures 2.0, you're loosing FPS.

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I didn't get that good fps when running it stock either, so something seems to be wrong.

Isn't there anything I can do besides running it vanilla? Seems as though my specs are good enough to run it with ENB

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