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Facebook HELP!


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I was recently wondering why no one was commenting on my statuses, until at school today a friend of mine asked me why he couldn't comment, so when I got home I went to settings and his named was under custom, under "visable" so I told him in chat and he still couldn't comment on my posts.

I used the "view as" feature and typed his name in, and to my surprise he was right, depsite being under custom he couldn't comment, so I typed some more friends names in, and none of them could comment either!!!!!! some couldn't even see my posts or even like them!

I noticed this change since Facebook changed there settings layout, so I really need help here and there is no way in hell am I setting my profiles to "public". Not ever again.

So has anyone else encountered this? I'll post pics if needed.

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Why didn't you post this in the Tech Chat section? Or better yet, in the "Random Questions" thread in Tech Chat. Or better yet, a different forum entirely?

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