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Smackdown mission help!


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Hi, i have a problem with smackdown mission, after i steal the police car, find Bucky, and chase him to his hideout, he just enters the house and just stands there and nothing happens, nobody attacks me and when i kill him it says that mission is failed because Bucky did not meet his crew!!!

Any help? Thanx...

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when bucky move out of his car.....wait......do not attack him......wait.......his crew members came and attack to you....then kill all members also bucky...................hope it helps..... smile.gificon14.gif

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(Smackdown) Bucky must be among the worse drivers in "New Jersey" because he cannot steer for toffee ... anyway, I chased him back to the old house and parked up my stolen police car behind the house, because if you park up out front, Bucky and one of this friends open up on you ... and the best part is, if you fire back the police notice you.


Curiously, they were both letting loose like it was "Red Dawn" and there was no sign of the cops while I made a tactical approach from the rear of the building, hopping over the fence (by which time Bucky and his pal had noticed me, but did not pursue, just fired at me from the porch) and crouched, pushed open the door - wherein I used a single shot from a pistol, for each of them, carefully aimed at the heads of the gang members inside on the ground floor to take them down.


It seems that as long as you are inside the house when you do this, concealed behind a piece of the kitchen furniture you are apparently free of police notice ... anyway, that done, I went upstairs, and halfway up the staircase, took out the goon with the shotgun with the same method, and came back down, wherein I actually managed to leave the house and iced one of the people on the porch, don't know which one when the cops turned up.


I quickly finished off the last one and then fled as the cops were taking the situation seriously ... but the point is, it is possible (I re-took the mission three times, each time the same events played out more or less) to do this without the cops showing up until later if you keep gunplay down to a minimum. In an experiment, I finished off the occupants of the house and made a clean getaway from the rear door and then made my way on a motorcycle to a street corner around two hundred yards distant and finished off the last two with the sniper rifle - this made escape much easier and was a pleasure to do.

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