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[Q] Mods and multiplayer


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I just bought a hard copy of GTA4 and EFLC for PC. I was wondering what mods I will be able to use online?


1) Graphics mods? Things like ENB/iCehancer as well road and shadow enhancement mods

2) Car mods? New models, even if it does just replace the model on my screen only


Is there a list of mods that are playable online? Or maybe a patch that you can play modded through private games (ie through a forum like this).


I'm sure this has all been discussed, maybe someone has a link handy?


Thanks guys!

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Please read the Official Modification Forum Rules & Procedure BEFORE posting!



Mods in Multiplayer are not allowed


Read the actual description down below.


It seems they are referring to them not supporting people modding the multiplayer aspects of the game (ex. using God mode).


I highly doubt this applies to people simply inquiring if texture and lighting enhancement mods will function when playing online.

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GTA4 server has 2 types.

One is normal server, the other is MOD server.


Don't use any mods in the normal server , or the PCs of other players are

possibly down. Mods are annoying in the normal server.


You can verify whether you are in the normal server or not.

If you can enter the Ranked Match on the phone , it is the normal server.

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You can actually use ENB/Ice in online non-modded games if you don't overwrite any .dat files when installing either ENB or Ice. You can also change weapon sounds and use modded ones online. (I'm currently using Ice 1.2 for as well as realistic weapon sounds and it works fine in ranked games.)


When it comes to car mods you shouldn't even consider using them in online games at all. They usually crash other players giving the infamous error message SMPA60.

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