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Gta running extremly slow!?!? HELP!


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alright so basically i own a alienware m14x, with intel i5 2.3 GHz boost to 2.9

and a GeForce 555m


my problem is that gta loads up with the integrated graphic card not my Nvidia card

I already tried going in the Nvidia control panel and changing everything but nothing is working

im getting extremely poor performance because the integrated card sucks


is there anyway to make my laptop run with the Nvidia card?

I tried using commandlines and all that


+ everything is up to date



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Here's how to enable "Switchable Graphics" on PC's that have that technology:


Note this is shown with ATI Radeon, but should be similar on Nvidia...?


Also, on the I5, you have to keep ALL settings on LOW and use a resolution in game of 1024X600 or less to eliminate random lag and pop ins....that's speaking from experiance...just a heads up... icon14.giftounge2.gif

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dude whats that icon? i dont have it :S + my pc is on high performance and my nvidia card is set to high performance

the game isnt detecting that i have that card so its using the crapy intel one

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