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Translate the Page to German and Turkisch


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Hello GTAGarage ,

I have an idea and this is , i translate GTAGarage and GTAForums on german and turkisch because i life germany and i'm turkish so i can this two languages and i can this two languages good !

I think this page need german and turkisch language because many players are from germany and turkey.

I hope it's a good idea and help this Page.


With best regards ITz-_-KinGZz


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Shayan Shaffey

I haven't seen anyone from turkey here. Anyways, a better solution would be to buy a domain and talk to the admins about maybe creating a german or turkish version of the site. +there are thousands of topics and there will be new ones every day, so I don't think it's gonna work well for you to translate every new topic. Your english isn't exactly great either so that'll cause complications. Again, as I said Making a TR or DE version of the site is better.

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You spelled Turkish wrong twice and you want to be a translator? You wouldn't apply for this job in real life for money in front of a Human Resources manager would you? Also, we don't get a lot of complaints in other languages complaining about how all we do is speak English and they can't understand the board.


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This is an english speaking forum.

1 month old topic, dude.


His point was that he wanted to translate the whole site into another language for himself and other people from those countries...I think.

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