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The type of antagonist


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GTA has always been a game which has excelled with antagonists. Throughout the series, we have seen many characters who have been designed in a way that makes us hate them. That moment when you kill them can be seen as even more satisfying and enjoyable because of this.


GTA 4 was no different from this. Once again, we saw some spectacular antagonists in the game, ones who we were desparate to kill by the end.


There is one revolving pattern that I have noticed though with these antagonists: especially the ones that were in GTA 4. All three of the main antagonists, from the main game and the respective DLC's, started out as an ally of yours; however then developed into being ones of your enemies. This isn't just limited to GTA 4, as Big Smoke was another example of this pattern in San Andreas.


While this is an obvious pattern and one that makes sense most of the time when compared to the storyline, is it something that you do not want to see repeated in the next game? Have you been craving for a different style of antagonist, or is this something that you have never really noticed or even thought about before?


I myself would like to see an antagonist which moves away from this general trend that has began to develop in recent times. What type it is would be entirely up to R*. It could be an enemy from the very beginning of the game, who is at the top of a rival gang. You could kill an enemy in the game; however someone close to that enemy may be angered by what you have done, then deciding to try and hunt you down. This would just be a rough sketch of a different type of antagonist we could have in GTA 5.


What do you think about this?

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there were always some characters annoyed us in gta series, even if we did a good job or save them .they are not only thankful ,but also betray us .


R* deliberately made such contrast which can draw players into the story and feels like being the main character himself,


if someone made us have some unfairness, we want to revenge,that's a stereotye.

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If they can pull it off without changing them it could be the best game ever, and good on them, as long as it's good I see no need to change anything apart from the occasional upgrade. But if it all gets old and starts to seam cheesy then yes, go and change things. But I don't think it's got cheesy yet.

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Snake Without a Tongue

I really liked the open choice antagonists in GTAIV. I hope there's more of that. I don't like the whole nemesis concept. I was waiting for a big show down with Darko Brevic. It was nice to be surprised.

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