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gta4 on a lenovo w520 (win 7 - 64 bit)


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Hi there.


I installed the game. Have the latest nvidia driver (280.26-notebook-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql.exe)


I start the game. Everything's fine. As the game starts I'm in the room. If I move around regardless of the resolution or detail settings it works fine, tho' at some camera movements it freezes for 2-3 seconds. If I exit the room and head downstairs it freeses for several seconds. Becomes unplayable. I tried to set the settings and resolution to lower settings but it only helped me to get out of the building on the streets. After that I have the same problem.


I know this quadro card is not for gaming but a 2 gb, direct x 11 video card should be able to run this game. I have 8gigs of ram and a quadcore (2200 mhz) cpu.


I disabled the integrated graphics. In the nvidia control panel > physX configuration the quadro 2000m handles my display.


Could someone help me out please?

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Meanwhile I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boqjdbxfoSs


It worked BUT...


After playing for a while, the screen flicks randomly and I have lag again for 2-5 seconds than another flick on the screen and the game becomes playable again. (The flicks are not the triangle flicks everybody-s talking about)


I updated the game with the latest patch. Killed programs running in the background, lowered the resolution. I even tried to set the gta4.exe process to high priority. Same thing happens.


Can somebody please tell me what the f am I supposed to do, try now?


Memory usage in the game menu is ~750 mb out of 2000 even on high rez, maxed out.


Please help.

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You shouldn't disable services that way.


You probably have an overheating problem, this happens often on laptops. You may want to make sure while you play the laptop is placed on a flat hard surface.

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I've looked into it. You were right. As soon as the gpu goes over 90+ degrees the lag shows up it's ugly head.


The laptop is on a flat surface on a desk. I had a logitech alto express that I didn't use for quite a while now. Tried it running with that but it didn't help much.


I also tried reducing resolution and detail settings but sooner or later the gpu hits the 90 degrees and I get the lag again.


Any final thoughts on overcoming this problem? sad.gif

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I think the CPU temperature is a much more decisive factor, with speed throttling and all. Don't know to what extent are additional laptop coolers effective, GTAIV is just too intensive for many systems to handle.

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