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How to install multiple copies?


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Hope this is right section for this question...


Can I get step by step instructions? Would like to try mods (1040) and play online (1070).


Using the downloaded version from gamersgate, gta iv complete edition.



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For patch you first need to disable the games "modding lock". Just by patching the game won´t allow you to install mods, however they may be installed.


The way I always "patch" the game for modding is to overwrite the filelist.pak file in pc/data/ folder of the game.


So this would be my way to start modding generally:


1. Install the game

2. Install official patch ( is commonly stated as one of the best patches for modding)

3. Change your filelist.pak file (pc/data/ folder) with this one: http://www.mediafire.com/?w4lj54pqxiocia6 (just overwrite the old one, make a Backup!)

4. Uncheck "Read Only" attribute for the whole GTA folder and files

5. Start modding!


This way always worked for me (patch version). Always make Backup when modding and replacing files.


When your game is ready for modding you can choose whatever mod you like.


I would recommend you first to install a major graphic mod like ENB if your machine can run this. Due to this you´ll get an almost new game and way more fun.


To multiplayer I can´t give advice, never used this function.

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A very good tutorial for downgrade of GTA IV Steam Version 1.0.7. can be found Here.

Not sure but I think this can be adapted for your Version. cool.gif


And normaly it should not be a problem to have different GTA IV Versions on the computer. As long as you have them in different folders.


I have 10 different versions at the moment ( unmodded, downgraded to, with replaced textures, different ENB Settings with Supersampling and FXAA

(so many realy nice Settings have been released in the last days and I still cannot decide which one I should stay on and tweak it for my taste)

In total about 160 GB. moto_whistle.gif

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I have 10 different versions  at the moment ( unmodded, downgraded to, with replaced textures, different ENB Settings with Supersampling and FXAA




YES that is exactly how I would like my setup, though not running the steam version or doesn't need steam, dl from gamersgate. Would it go like:


1. Install GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City.


2. Install patch, and copy the "Grand Theft Auto IV" folder and rename:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV

C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV

C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\EFLC


3. Install patch


4. Create launchgta shortcut from "Grand Theft Auto IV" ( and folder, how does the "saves/settings"? work if they're pointing to the same dir for both patched versions?

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Why first downgrading then upgrading? I think this can be done otherways. wink.gif


I would suggest:

1. Install GTAIV(+Episodes though they are not considered here and are installed in a own program file directory).

2. Make a copy or backup/image of the orinal GTAIV folder (you also can just copy it to a folder with another name (i.e. GTAIV_1_7)).

3. Do the downgrade and installation of Rockstar Social Group Tool" (RGSG) as described in the a/m tutorial (Step 2 to 8, as you have no Steam Version you can skip step 1) I think this is also needed for other download purchased versions.

4. Rename/move the GTAIV folder downgraded to to another name (i.e. GTA IV_1_4_unmodded) or location. I would also do an image or backup of it in case you mess up with a Mod Installation and need to recover the unmodded without the inconvenient reinstalling and downgrading.

5. Put the orinial folder (backup or renamed copy) to its original name at the original location.


Now you should be able to use GTA IV and ELFC for online gaming with the standard start menu items and the (modded or unmodded) GTA IV via the LaunchGTAIV.exe in the respective folder.


Before installing Mods just do a copy of your basis GTA IV folder and put the new mods into it. I have a GTAIV folder where I already added the basis modifications like Ultimate City Textures, Road Textures, Treemod, Asiloader, Scripthook and Camera Mods. So when trying a new Mod/ENB-Setting I do a copy of the basemod folder, rename the copy to an adequate name and put the new mods into it.


A bit complicated and consuming much space on HDD but in case I f**k something up while modifying I can easily rollback.


Not sure about the saves and settings as I use xliveless for my downgraded GTA IV which stores it in "%USERPROFILE%\(My)Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\" instead of Userprofiles Local Application Data\Rockstar Games\GTA IV


Sorry for the wall of text, hope it is more helping then confusing...


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Thanks for the replies guys, got it working biggrin.gif


This non-steam version/any non-steam version, I find it downloads the contents of what is on the retail DVDs, it installs and runs just like it's a retail disk version, but without the need for a disk.


- Installed and patched to 1040

- Made two copies of the folder and renamed it one for mods and other for backup (so three folders now, one for 1040, a 1040 backup and one for 1070)

- Installed patch 1070 for multiplayer


Everything works except for a minor problem now. Getting black screen when I alternate between the two patched versions and need to delete the settings file: C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Settings\SETTINGS.CFG. Deleting the file resets graphics to default 800x600, so used commandline.txt for the resolution settings.


All I need now is to learn how to make a batch file to delete before playing between patched versions.

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