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Hello there before all of these happened i can make,play,use DYOM normally.After that i install ENBSeries even if i know it's supposed to destroy my computer,but i tried.And it did.I gotta run in "Safe Mode" to remove the ENB files.But after that when i go to DYOM about 0,5 seconds GTA SA Crashed.

This is wierd because i had CLEO 4 with DYOM v6.1 (Yes it supports CLEO 4) Played in years and years,now i can't do it anymore!Should i reinstall DYOM?

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Yeah.I removed in Safe Mode.But now i can't run DYOM again,even when i don't have the ENB!

I will try re-installing DYOM though.Maybe ENB makes it buggy.


Reason : Emergency Lights Mod

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Right...First i'm not Celebrity-wannabe...

Second i like colored texts..like Gold...

Third you're spamming this topic up...

I heard you're a famous DYOMer,not a spammer.

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