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Remake of a Classic


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Oddly, Not long after I catch up with a film I'd not gotten around to seeing, it comes out as a remake, and will it or can it even be better then the original? One of the questions that always comes up, remaking movies that are considered critical smashes, or significant in some way, but not major box office draws, I think some of it stems from books that the film is based off of, other times the movie makers are the fans who want to see what they can do in retelling a classic. Either way, it's often left me wondering, do I want to see it or just enjoy the original for what it was?


This is a two pointed topic, to discuss, WHY would they remake Straw Dogs, and what do you think about each picture, and the stars, etc.?




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It is quite ridiculous to remake a classic movie from the golden-era of films. Straw Dogs was perfect the way it was and now, they have decided to create an updated version; it is like making a remake of The Godfather or Raging Bull.

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Most remakes are because of two things. First the movie rights is already paid for so the studio starts of with a saving. Or Second the movie is now in public domain, so again the producer starts saving money.

The apparent fact that new writers have no new ideas for plots other than 'College' laughs wherein they go for the toilet humor.

A remake can be better because of the development of the already existing charactor and improvement in special effects. That a critic liked a movie has nothing to do with the public appeal.


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I'd be nice to know if Universal clings to such an excuse. Don't get me wrong on them however, They seem to have a number of good movies also coming out soon. And many classics.


The argument is that Hollywood is bankrupt of good and original ideas, and you start to think there's actual merit in those dismissals

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The problem I instantly see with this remake is that the original film had Dustin Hoffman as a man pushed beyond his physical and mental boundaries to become something he never wished to see, nor become. Yet, James Marsden does not fit this mould. He is tall, well-built and quite intimidating in his own right, which goes against the central principle of both films: the actions human beings are willing to commit, no matter how much against their own beliefs, when their back is physically against the wall. Also, it looks pretty terrible to honest.

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