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[TUT]Installing ENB Series


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Tutorial for installing ENB series for GTA SA


Having problem when installin ENB for your GTA SA?The problem that mostly occure when installing ENB series on GTA SA is a missing .dll file.Example:When you have finish download ENB series and already extract all the file from the ENB folder into GTA SA main folder,and when you have start the game,theres a box popup said that,d3dx9_33.dll/other .dll file is missing from you computer,try to re-install the program to fix this problem.than another box pop up,tell that you at least have direct X 9.0 but you already install direct X 9.0 in your computer.


I can fix this kind of problem:

Step1:Before installing ENB,try to check your computer properties,is your computer are enough to use ENB or not.because it may make your computer harmful.


Step2:After finish installing ENB series,unzip the d3d9.dll and enbseries.cs into your GTA SA folder/GTA SA directory.


Important Step:


Step3:Try to start your GTA SA.if nothing happen and the ENB series is working with your GTA SA,thats mean that you have already install all .dll files in your computer,but if a box pop up saying that d3dx9_33.dll/other .dll file is missing from you computer,try to re-install the program to fix this problem.than another box pop up,tell that you at least have direct X 9.0 but you already install direct X 9.0 in your computer.then go to www.dll-files.com,then at the most up,right of your computer screen,theres a white box with a message:Search for dll files.write down the missing .dll files that you need,and click search.after finish searching,find the downloads .dll files that you search:WARNING!the downloads click for downloading the missing .dll files is in purple font,and when you finish search,there are 2 message with the color purple.one with a big font,and the other one with the small font.click the small purple font,and another webpage will appear in different window.then just click download .dll files.


Step4:After finish downloading the missing .dll files,extract the .dll files that you have downloaded to the GTA SA main folder/directory.if theres still a box pop up when you start the game,repeat the same thing like you did.


Step5:ENJOY,playing with ENB!! ^^



Hope this is helping you,and sorry for bad english.
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  • 3 years later...

f*ck OFF, I done all the steps, I searched all the videos, I done ALL they said, and in final, when I open GTA:San Andreas Nothing.

Just nothing pops up. >:(


Why would the guys that made the ENB make it so hard to be installed. even the low-pc didn't work :c (and I surely have all the components if GTA V can work with no problems on my PC)

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Have you actually downloaded ENB or have you only downloaded ENB settings?

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I am not sure :/

I downloaded d3d9 and enbseries.ini

They said that d3dx9_26.dll is missing and I downloaded it.

After opening GTA:SA, it says GTA:SA requires AT LEAST DirectX9.0

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