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I just got Vice City through Steam (had it for PS2 only since it was released) and I have come to find normal trainers don't work with the Steam edition. So I was just wondering if I could go about making Tommy invulnerable via modding the main.scm somehow. Thanks!

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You can use opcode 02AB:



02AB: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR immunities BP 1 FP 1 EP 1 CP 1 MP 1



Where BP = Bulletproof, FP = Fireproof, EP = Explosion-Proof, CP = Collision-Proof, and MP = Melee-Proof.

0 means disabled and 1 enabled.


You can find more info about the opcode in GtaGaming Opcode Database


Hope it helps biggrin.gif

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Yeah it does....where do I put it (in the main.scm obviously)? It's been ages since I played around with the main.scm

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Where do I put this in the main.scm? No matter where I put it the game either crashes or it has no effect at all.

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