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handling tutorial


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Any1 can teaching me bout handling problem?

coz i adding a car from gta-mods but without handling

my vehicle keep flip out when turn left/right- -

how to settings it? if i got handling editor ?


soli for my bad english grammar guys


thanks for giving me some lesson pls ^^

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mr. Anonymous

To explain this problem, the reason the car is flipping over is becuase the handling isn't made specificaly for that model, so the axis's (sp?) are off.


Try downloading different car mods and using the handling from those mods on the car you originally had and find what works for you.


As for editing the handling with a handling editor here is a guide to help you understand the different codes and values:




One thing I would like to correct is that the DriveForce value is how much the car burns out, NOT the transferred forward momentum. That is the Mass value.


Hope this helps! biggrin.gif

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