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The Legacy


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Me and my friends have a gang on GTA (Liberty City Stories), on Xbox respectively. Basically we all have our own characters. We have our own "Houses" and "Jobs", for example my character lives in the house with the helipad in West Dyke and works at the Police Station in northern Algonquin. Other members in the group have similar jobs and houses for example a job as a drug dealer or car dealers. Obviously you cannot have a job that doesn't pertain to your house. We do missions that we create. Whether it be an assassination or an amazing car chase leading to a shooting in the Bank of Liberty, the Legacy is all about loyalty in a world where you can trust no one. We currently have 15 members and are looking for more. Comment with your gamertag and any questions you have about the Legacy initiation.


-Disregard Casty, The Legacy


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leik oh em jeez!

>Liberty City Stories




I think you mean Episodes for Liberty City.

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