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[TUT] Animgrp.dat


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hello everyone colgate.gif


ok i don't know if people already made this and id like to tell who doesn't know about this so here goes...


file: animgrp.dat

it's a file wich i think you guys know, that it contains the walking animation for everyone except the player (CJ) as example for women, old men, gangs...etc


the useful thing about this file that you can add walking style for your mods. example: Zombie mods. or others idk tounge.gif

so this is how it works:


when you open animgrp.dat you'll find lines like these:


man, ped, walkcycle, 6walk_civisprint_civisprint_pedidle_pedroadcrosswalk_startend



so this line

man, ped, walkcycle, 6

is already explained on the file wich is this:


## filename:  animgrp.dat# description:	This file describes the anim association groups. ##format is# name, filename, animtype, numanims#  animlist....#end## name:  name of animation definition group# filename:	name of file in which these animations occur (minus the IFP extension)# animtype:	type of animations (currently only one type, walkcycle, currently looking to expand this list #  to include weapons# numanims:	number of animations in groups#



man: is the name of the animation of the walking style.

so that is the name you use in the scripts yo change some actor's walking style.


ped: is the name of the .ifp used for the walking animations.


walkcycle: well as explained in the file, it's the only type you can use so make sure you include it in the walking style you add tounge.gif


6: is the number of animations used, i never thought about changing it or editing it but i'm pretty sure it's the only number that is used so make sure you include 6 after walkcycle bored.gif









these lines are the animations use wich are 6 animations, same number used above "6"


1st: is the walking animation, so here you could write an animation used in the chosen .ifp

since it's ped animation you could write walk_drunk in that line and it will work tounge.gif


2nd: is the running animation NOT sprinting animation, as you can see in the line "sprint_civi" wich is the player's sprinting animation (just a mod for a little realism tounge.gif)


3rd: the actual sprinting animation "sprint_ped"


4th: is the idle line of the player (standing animation)


5th: is the animation used when the ped reaches the corner of the road. ex: when they look around to see if there is a car to pass the road tounge.gif


6th: is the walk start animation, just to make the walking animation to seam real like peds doesn't seam to instantly walk tounge.gif


end: it is important to add this in the end of the walking style you added else game will crash!


OK! so this is the part that i think it is useful:


let's say you want a zombie animation or a special animation for an actor(s) so this is an example of what you need to do to make it work.


you have the scripting method wich is this:



open animgrp.dat


add for example these lines:


shop, ped, walkcycle, 6WOMAN_walkshoprun_oldrun_fatoldidlestance_oldroadcross_oldwalk_startend


so now you have walking style called "SHOP"


now in the script after you spawn a ped add this line:


0245: set_actor 0@ walk_style_to "SHOP"


so most scripters already know that you shouldnt just write 0@ cause it depends on the number you used for spawning the actor tounge.gif

for example let's say i want to spawn a ped infront of the player and have a special walking style for the ped spawned biggrin.gif

this is how i would do it:


:EXAMPLEthread "EXAMPLE":EXAMPLE_11wait 0 if   Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)else_jump @EXAMPLE_11if and00E1:   player 0 pressed_key 1600E1:   player 0 pressed_key 14else_jump @EXAMPLE_1104C4: store_coords_to 0@ 1@ 2@ from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 4.0 2.00376: 3@ = create_random_actor_at 0@ 1@ 2@0245: set_actor 3@ walk_style_to "SHOP" Actor.RemoveReferences(3@)wait 4000jump @EXAMPLE_11


with that script, click sprint+jump button to spawn a random ped with the new walking style biggrin.gif


so there is another method wich is making a ped to always have the walking style used like gangs peds ...etc


so go to the file peds.ide located in the data folder


pick a ped you want to change its walking style, for example: BFORI


so this is the line of the ped:




after the stat line "STAT_COWARD" is the walk style that the ped using for walking "woman" change that to the new walk style you created, for example "shop"

the animation that i created tounge.gif

so the line will look like this:




save and close the file.

now bfori will always have the walk style you made tounge2.gif


soooo i guess this is it for this tutorial, any questions or problems post them here and i'll try to help biggrin.gif


ps: sorry i posted this in the wrong section, didn't even know there was a tutorial section suicidal.gif

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I'm trying to make a mod for san andreas and i wonder if i could make the other peds run like CJ.


What is the name of the file when CJ is running?





I found out my question.


It was "sprint_civi" but thank you for helping me finding out what is the type of running animation for peds.

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