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Advice with ENB or other mods


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Hi all,

I get my new laptop, it come with an i7 2630Qm and a GTX 560M 1.5Go, and 8GB RAM.

I have GTA IV and I can run it at 40+ fps, with all detail maxed and a moderate slider sets at 1080p.

But when i put iCEnhancer my fps drop at 10+ fps, its not playable.

So how can I enhance my game without get an important drop of fps, i like to stay above 30+ fps.

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iCEnhancer is pretty heavy, whenever I use it I lose atleast 15 fps on my rig confused.gif


Try to make a .txt file in your directory named 'commandline' (without the quotes) and put '-noprecache' (again, without the quotes) in it.

Besides that, you could try lowering the resolution or the sliders, that should help a bit.


Also, go to the 'iceconfig.ini' file in your directory and go to [sHADOWS].

Lower the Shadow Filtering (I though it's called like that) to 2, if it isn't already.


See if that helps wink.gif

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