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Little wierd (to me) problem...


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HY guys.


I have a question...


I made a script:



{$CLEO .cs}thread "MENU"0A95: enable_thread_saving:MENU_1wait 0if00E1:   player 0 pressed_key 16jf @MENU_1:MENU_208D4: 1@ = create_panel_with_title 'MENU_01A' position 29.0 170.0 width 180.0 columns 1 interactive 1 background 1 alignment 0  08DB: set_panel 1@ column 0 header 'MENU_01A' data 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY'0A93: end_custom_thread



And when I press space it shows just a black box without text...

but when I remove this:


:MENU_1wait 0if00E1:   player 0 pressed_key 16jf @MENU_1



then menu load with the game WITH text... So that's a proof that nothing is wrong with text...


So how can I fix it ?

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Yeah I know for this tutorial ( I readed it 2 weeks ago)

But why menu text show without keypress, and why it is not showing with keypress?

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