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GTA 5 IN FALL 2012


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"Fans of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) are impatiently awaiting news of when GTA 5, the new edition of the action packed game franchise, will be released. The release of GTA 5 has been the source of many rumors; but gamers and industry experts are of the opinion that it would be in the fall of 2012.


Take Two, the GTA 5 retailer, however, stand firm that their strategy to diversify their game portfolio would be their focus. Take Two sources said that ‘Red Dead Redemption’ sold over 10 million copies while another title, ‘Undead Nightmare’ sold a little more than 2 million. The company said that this success would were positive indicators towards diversification of other game titles, taking the reliance on the GTA franchise. These games are due for launch in 2013.


However, the question asked by investors is whether Take Two could achieve its targets sans the latest edition of GTA 5. However, Take Two honchos evaded giving an answer. GTA 5 remains an important product for the game’s publisher. Games such as Zynga, which are only four years old, but don’t generate the same bang as the Grand Theft Auto game does.



Analysts and fans alike are reading meaning into nuances such as Take Two’s remark on this deal which said that there are titles under development in the pipeline at Rockstar. Industry watchers point out that that it has been four years since GTA 4 was launched, making it the perfect time to launch the new Grand Theft Auto edition.


In the lead up to E3, speculations of the much anticipated GTA 5 announcement ran high. However, news was not forthcoming. GTA 5 has been the subject of innumerable rumors and so called `leaks’ which range from the likely cast of GTA 5 to at what stage of testing the game is in. Going by that adage, no news is good news, fans and gamers expect that real news on GTA 5 should break sooner than later."


source: http://www.planetinsane.com/gta-5-release-...f-2012/2622222/

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Speculations, nothing more, until we hear real news from R* this articles and other predictions means nothing

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