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What Website(s) Do You Like?


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Hello Everyone,


I don't know if this exists or this is simular to another one, but this is a topic about what website(s) you like and why you like them.

Here are the questions you have to answer. (Don't include them in your post.)

o What website(s) do you like?

o Why do you like that website(s)?


Here are my answers.


I like many websites, but I have decieded to only pick out 5.

My top 5 are:

o GTAForums.com

o Youtube.com

o Forumer.com

o eBay.com

o Gamestop.ie


Why I like them:


Why I like GTAForums.com:


I like GTAForums because there is a lot of people to chat with, you can make topics, and the moderators keep it nice and tidy.

Now for the Admins, they are great.

They are the people that made this website, then advertised it on the web.

This is to the Admins, you have done a very good job with this forum, and just keep it up. smile.gif


Why I like Youtube.com:


I like Youtube because there is help videos, funny videos, and stupid videos.

If Youtube wasn't created, we would proberly be without 1/2 of our games completed. And I like everything about Youtube. smile.gif


Why I like forumer.com:


I have hosted a forum with them, and they are so organized.

Just check out this website, and I think you would like forumer too.

(Note) This is not advertising. I am showing the people a site that has been made with forumer.com.



Why I like eBay.com:


I like eBay.com because they sell stuff. They have almost everything on there.

From toys, to laptops, you can get almost everything for a bargin!


Why I like Gamestop.ie:


Well, they sell games. And DVD's lol.gif

Please visit my better GTA Forum!


Just click on "better GTA Forum!" and it will take you there.

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This isn't really what this section is for, and I'm fairly sure there's similar topics in General Chat.

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