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HELP. Girlfriends.


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I keep on going on dates with Denise Robinson.

She always wants to go to clubs with me, and it is hard as for some reason, no matter what my club/dancing score is, she says the dates rubbish.

I cant seem to please her on club dates.

Help me on why I keep failing them?

I am missing only few moves, when I am dancing.



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For a successful club/dancing date with ANY girlfriend, you need to score at least 5000 points as a score in one date.



Do you get her to the club fast enough? If not, then get a faster car.


You also need high sex appeal

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Does CJ stand in the mission start marker or sit in his vehicle?

Do you have any Modifications to the game?

Are you playing with the Original DVD in the Drive?

Have you used many cheats?


This is an Olde Game, many questions can be answered with SEARCH. Always SEARCH before making a ‘new’ topic.

Dance Problem, while Dancing in club.

How to dance well?, I can’t dance.

Life’s a Beach and Dance Club, Problem with dance moves.

Dance problem, something’s seriously wrong.

HOW TO DANCE? stupid mission on the beach!!

can’t dance

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Try shooting down the Ballas, go to their hood and let denise shoot them uintil date ends.

Or, if you won all territories Try going to Azteca Turf.

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