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The mission you refer too (cannot recall the title, sorry) is simple. Begin by driving to the parking up point (I recommend a motorcycle - easier to thread through traffic) and then you will see the train coming in over the bridge and be shown a short-cut scene ... now, drive like you're an extra in the movie, "The Italian Job" - all you need to do is keep as close to the train as possible using the roads available to you ... it can be a bit intense but for most of the time the train will be more or less in view - just follow it on the radar, do not waste time on visual sighting. At one point in the chase it seems to vanish and you are about to plow into a wall - take a right there and carry on, picking up speed to compensate for the lost time ... the train will come to a stop at an elevated station and you can park up under the arches there. All you have to do to complete this one, is bound up the stairs there to the first floor wherein if you are cool, you will see three guys coming down the stairs from the platform above you with arrows above their heads. Now, cool and collected, select a machine gun and before they have a chance to do anything about it, spray around bullets - guaranteed kill, quick, clean, surgical - remember to pick up their weapons and any cash they may drop. Be advised that although the game will autosave, you may also come under the attention of the cops, and if so, proceed up to the tracks, make sure you are not struck by trains and make an escape along them - getting out of the 'all points' circle as quickly as possible. DO NOT open fire on the cops unless necessary as this will trigger a two or three star 'all points' which will be more difficult to evade.

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