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Multiplayer Coding


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hello all once again. I have a few questions about multiplayer and multiplayer coding...

(I don't play online due to the frustration of being fragged, etc.)

... so i can try to make zombies go multiplayer in FreeRoam...


First, do all versions of GTA IV - v1.0.0.0 through v1.0.7.0 - function together on multiplayer? Or are only certain versions compatable, or just only v1.0.7.0 supported for multiplayer?


Next, During FreeRoam, to make a ped (affected by a mod / script) visible to all players is the Native Function:


Native.Function.Call("SET_PED_EXISTS_ON_ALL_MACHINES", Ped, 1)


the only one i need, AND since there is no info in the gtamodding.com "List of Native Functions" do the params look correct?



I'll be using .net scripthook v1717, and are "Game.MultiplayerGameMode = gamemode.FreeMode" and also "Game.NetworkMode = NetworkMode.MultiplayerLive" read only descriptions just to make sure the script isn't engaged during normal gameplay, or are they required

for online play?


I tried a test script in LAN by myself, it works fine. I also tried it in a few freeroam games and it worked good, (i asked for permission) to try the mod but noone wanted to come see what was going on, so i don't know the effectiveness. BUT if i tried to start an online game myself .net scripthook, .net scripthook was inop.


Do all multiplayers count as "player.character"? If i were to only one to have the script, and i use:




on a tick will the script not be able to differentiate between players, or would it default to me?


I know there are a lot of questions here: but a lot of people out there seem interested in a multiplayer zombie mod that isn't player vs player. I would like to explore that.


Thanks for reading.

Motorsport71 monocle.gif

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Only is able to run multiplayer.


I've never had to use a native to make multiplayer people see objects I've created via a script. Maybe that's just objects though.


I've never had the problem of starting an online game and the scripthook not work, it's always worked for me, maybe a reinstall would help? (probably too much work).


Player.Character is always your own player. There's Game.PlayerList (or something similar) which gives you an array of type Player, This holds all the multiplayer players. You could then iterate through the list and do what you want.


I wouldn't suggest setting the task every tick, unless thats the way that works, but I don't think so. I'd use a keypress to do it.

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thank you much, that gives me what i need to revise a script is started. many appreciations! colgate.gif



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