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Updated to = crap performance


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First off, here's my specs:


CPU: AMD athlon II X4 645 Quad core processor 3.10 Ghz

GPU: Ati Radeon 4650 HD 1GB GDDR 2 (driver version 8.872)

Ram: 4GB DDR3

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit



Ever since I updated to, I can't seem to get GTA4 running smoothly. I experience very choppy gameplay, and I've tried the commandline fix, but it didn't seem to help.

I even use a program during gaming called "GameBooster" which frees up extra resources while gaming.


Even after a fresh install it would only run decently on 1024 x 768 res, with everything on low.


Does my video card just plain suck or is there something else i can do?

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Since you have a lower end Video card, then Patch 4 would be the best patch for you, as from what I have read, Patch 7 is more of a resource hog then Patch 4...Patch 4 is best for people with lower end PC's...As I have a lower end video card(a ATI Radeon HD5470 w/512MB Dedicated vram), and with Patch 4, I actually got a 10-15fps boost over having NO patches....Just a heads up. smile.gif

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radioman is right. The higher the patch, the higher the resource using is (same settings mean higher quality on newer patches, so: also more resources needed!)

And: Yes, your video card sucks. Enough VRAM but less powerful GPU.

I tried a HD 5770 1GB and was able to play with high textures and high shadows but without major mods like ENB. With my GTX460 it is okay also with mods.

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