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How to shoot out pilots

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I've heard not using the zoom on the sniper helps.

Im enjoy both being on foot and being a pilot, and knowing how to do both is the key.

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ok. Edited by gogether

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thers also this



practice practice practice. and Cesar, nice vid. make more. what about a beginners guide to piloting. If someone had taught me how to fly the chopper when I 1st began, you can see why there are such good pilots.


As for me I like to keep destroying the grounded choppers, you can usually see the players the try to get to the choppers, this really pisses them off.then I load up on ammo, health. if they do manage to get in the air with a chopper ,Im ready and waiting somewhere with heaps of cover.if they are high in the air I use a all except one clip of the sniper, If theyre reachable with the M4 I,tap the trigger then when the clips abit empty quick switch to rpg fire then switch back to M4, always saving 1 rpg and 1 clip m4, If they get close genades,rpgs and the smg. I once hit the little curb by the 3 choppers in a car, which barrel rolled me over a chopper which was just about to take off, dropping a grenade on its blades. left my car on fire as I climbed out, got my own chopper and took off.was like the greatest thing I'd ever done in the game. the guy who had already sent me a few hate messages about him getting a chopper even sent a message saying how amazing it was. after that we spent about 2 hours with him in a chopper me on foot having a great air vs ground battle.

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i would make a guide for beginner pilots but i rarely see a new pilot, usually if i do, its most likely a new clan. And there are rumors about gta 5 coming out and when it does come I'll make a tut.

there are others guides and tutorials on youtube just search smile.gif

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Well, killing police and military pilots is easy (PC version) and any decent machine gun will make short work of them, an assault rifle more so.


In most instances in which a helicopter is taking an interest in you they will probably be accompanied by one or two police officers sitting in the side doors of the copter waiting to shoot you dead ... so return the favor. NOTE: Even in missions in which you are expected to shoot down the cops while sitting in a helicopter, you can set her down on a building and climb out and use this method ... of course the game goes bananas "get back in the chopper" but this saves time, weapons and is fun!


First of all, shoot the guy in the doorway, the police pilot will rotate the copter around to allow the other gunner to come to bear on you, and if you are lucky, he will also expose the pilots seat which is ALWAYS on the left side of the helicopter. You can concentrate fire on the side window or the front window. You can also concentrate fire on the small window in the nose of the helicopter on the left side, but this is less likely to ice the pilot. Either way, the result is spectacular and the copter invariably spins out of control and goes down. With a machine gun or assault weapon you do not need to be too precise, but concentrated fire will do it, and as a bonus saves those expensive Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) for the really tricky targets. This method also works on assault helicopters, but be advised the side windows take a little more fire than their police counterparts.

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