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Grand Theft Auto III: Southside Story

Recommended Posts


What you mean by coded? You mean that I created them? No, I wrote them on my PC.


Thanks for the feedback, man.


Now, a little announce.


I'm now on my holidays ofr one week, so wait for more missions till this time.

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Well this Concept is good I like you story writing style but I would like to know how Anthony look like (add links under characters names which moves us to a picture) and another thing: Has Anthony any personal goals or just expand Red Jacks?

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Thanks Ivory.


Now, answers.


A1: I think I'll add the characters' pics a bit later, now I need to focus on missions. When the first part is done, I'll add them.


A2: Well, Anthony doesn't have any special personal goals, but D-Ice has. If you didn't notice, the story begins at late 2000, before GTA III, so I imagined the gang situation in Shoreside Vale and as you can see on map, Wichita Gardens divides between Red Jacks and Purple Nines, so D-Ice wants to "conquer" whole district. Hope I helped you.

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New mission's out!


Mission name: Keeping high, while being low


Mission giver: D-Ice


Anthony goes to D-Ice’s house only to see D-Ice, John and Miguel talking about something. When D-Ice recognizes Anthony, he tells him to sit down.


D-Ice: “Okay, so, our gang is still weak, if saying in global. And we need few more turfs. We made everything here, so I think, we’re going to Staunton, where Cartel is already progressing.”

Anthony: “That will be nice, but who’ll go there then?”

D-Ice: “There’s no variant, but you and ya bro’ John. I can’t go because I must look after Wichita Gardens.”

Anthony: “Damn… Okay, so, I think it’s gonna be goodbye then.”

D-Ice: “Yeah. Miguel will drive you both to their base, Fort Staunton. They own a construction site.”

Miguel: “Okay, there’s no time to talk, let’s go, amigos!”


The cutscene will show all the three sitting in Miguel’s car and driving away from the sight. After a while, another cutscene shows the three reaching the construction site. Then they all went outside.


Miguel: “So, this is our, and now your, base. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to our allies, Yardies. And now, you can take some rest. See ya’ tomorrow, eses.”


Mission passed!

No monetary reward

New safe place: Construction site in Fort Staunton


You can’t fail this mission, even if you want.


It's kinda little, but it's the last mission on Shoreside Vale. Also, it's cutscene-only.


The new chapter had begun! Don't forget to comment.

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I'm really interested how the alliance with Yardies turn out. Nice mission anyway but if your story's set in 2000 I think the construction side would be even less developed than in GTAIII, so how the safehouse look like?

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That's an unexpected one.


I think there will be a little bedroom for Anthony and John, so they can sleep. To save your game, you need to stand on marker, and then just select the game folder.

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Finally, new mission is out.


Mission title: First hit

Mission giver: Miguel/???


Anthony goes for a little walk near the construction site, but he’s interrupted by phone ringing.


Anthony: “Yeah, what?”

Miguel: “Anthony, is that you? God, I’m screwed. Meet me in Belleville Park, we need to talk.”

Anthony: “But... Hello?”


Drive to Belleville Park and meet Miguel


Cutscene shows Anthony walking straight to Miguel, but also sees a man, dressed so officially, talking to him in formal way.


Man: “So, Miguel, I thought you said you will do it? But, you didn’t...”

Miguel: “Wait! You see that guy going? He’s my man, he’ll help us.”


(When Anthony reached the two)


Anthony: “Miguel! Hey, what ‘da f*ck, who ‘dat guy?”

Miguel: “Don’t worry, man, it’s my close friend here, Ray...”

Ray: “My name is Ray Machowski, I’m an undercover police officer...”

Anthony: “Say what?! God damn you, Miguel, I thought we were friends!”

Ray: “You are. Listen, I need you to do one thing for me.”

Anthony: “Working for cop? Aww, hell no! In your dreams, f*cker. Bye!”

Ray: “Listen up, you, f*ckin’ street rat. You work - I pay, we friends. You no work - I kill you, your brother and your leader, okay?”

Anthony: “You’ll pay for this, Miguel!”

Ray: “Now, I need you to kill one man that really f*cked up my business. His name is Mike “Lips” Forelli. He’s now in Portland, St. Mark’s Bistro. Take this and kill him.”


Take a Micro UZI


Get yourself a car and drive to St. Mark’s Bistro in Portland


When you reached it, the cutscene will show Mike reaching the Bistro. When Anthony will come out from the car, another unknown man will show up.


Anthony: “What the f*ck?”


The man will take Mike’s car.


Anthony: “sh*t... I’ll wait and see what happens.”


Another cutscene will show the man driving Mike’s car back and running away. Anthony comes to kill Mike, but instead an explosion will be heard, and Mike’s car will be destroyed.


Random ped: “Hey, look! That black guy dwestroyed the car with the man inside! Call the police!”

Anthony: “Oh, f*ck!”


Lose your wanted level in the nearest Pay’n’Spray


Drive back to Belleville Park


Cutscene will show Anthony walking back to the place where he met Miguel and Ray.


Anthony: “Miguel? Ray? Anyone?”

Ray: “Psst...”


Anthony walks to the toilet where Ray is waiting.


Ray: “So, did you kill him?”

Anthony: “Umm... Yes, I did.”

Ray: “Excellent! Now, take the money. Meet me again at the Staunton Police Station, I have more work for you to do. Bye.”


Mission passed!


Ray’s missions are available


Conditions of mission failing:

You failed to get to Bistro within the time limit

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Well this mission have two mysteries. Ray used to work for Yakuza in 2000. And that unknown guy was Claude right? Either I missed something or when the story gets to 2001? Please explain.

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Story is set in late 2000, and when you're in Staunton, it's early 2001 already, so, Claude appears.


About Ray: I don't really know his backstory, so why not making him Miguel's friend?

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Okay your choice friend but Claude killed Mike Forelli in late October 2001 according to the news showed up in GTAIII's intro wink.gif

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f*ck this! Can't a man have a fantasy? biggrin.gif

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Yes you can smile.gif Keep it up!

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It was so f*ckin' long time after the last post, but the new mission is finally ready!


Mission name: Friend of friend

Mission giver: Ray Machowski


Anthony walks into the police station building. The guard stops him.


Guard: “Wait, kiddo, you have no access.”

Anthony: “I was told to come here, Ray Machowski wants to see me.”

Guard: “I don’t mind about Machowski, and you too. Get the f*ck out, before I called some officers to arrest you.”


Anthony walks away from the police station territory, saying “Stupid dumbass...” and calls Ray.


Anthony: “Ray? What the f*ck happens? The guard doesn’t let me in!”

Ray: “Listen, we have a serious discussion here. You better go to the Liberty Campus, and make a phone call to my friend, Tony. Here’s his number...”


The cutscene ends, and now you’re given a task to get to the Liberty Campus and call Tony. After you arrived, another cutscene will appear.


Anthony: “Hello?”

Tony: “Tony’s listening, who is this?”

Anthony: “My name is Anthony Fields, I’m friend of Ray Machowski, he said to call you.”

Tony: “Oh, so you’re that Fields guy Ray told me about? Good. I have a mission for you. There’s a Yakuza Stinger standing not far from here. You drive it to the Yakuza Condo in docks, and activate the timer. Don’t mess up, kid. Call me when you’re done.”

Anthony: “Yeah, great, wait.”


Sit in the Yakuza Stinger


Not knowing, Anthony will activate the timer by sitting on the activating button. You’ll now have only 3 minutes before the car will destroy.


Get to the Yakuza Condo within the time limit


After you’re done, exit the car and watch the show.


Drive back to the Liberty Campus and call Tony


Tony: “Aye, kid. You’re done already?”

Anthony: “Yeah. There were some difficulties, but the car is destroyed now.”

Tony: “Good. Listen, I need guys like you to do some dirty job. Be sure to pick up the phone when I’ll need you, ‘kay? See ya’ around...”


Mission passed!


Tony’s missions are now unlocked


Conditions of mission failing:

You failed to drive the car within the time limit

You destroyed the car not at the Condo


Tell me what you think! and don't be shy with your feedbacks!

Edited by SatournFan

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The most common words i see in dialogues is sh*t and f*ck:DD And this is awesome.

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Finally, made a new one.


Mission name: Under the Influence

Mission giver: Tony Binbow


Anthony drives to Liberty Campus and calls Tony.


Tony: “Aye’, aye’, Tony’s on ‘da phone. Who’s that?”

Anthony: “It’s me, Anthony. Has another job for me, Tony?”

Tony: “Anthony! I was waiting for you to call. Listen, some scumbags from Purple Nines are pissing me off. They’re going to make an ambush. My agents knew about it and already got ready, now, your time has come. Under this phone, there’s a list with numbers of the agents. Call all of them in order. When you’ll know where the Nines are heading, get there as fast as you can and shoot ‘em all. Luck.”


Anthony takes the list and goes off.


Find a car, you’ll need one to complete this mission


After you found a car, call the first agent. Click the button to do it. Then head to the place the agent told you. Repeat the operation before the last agent gives you the directions. Then you’ll be given a limit of 2 and a half minutes to get where the agent told you.


Get to the place within the time limit


When you will arrive, the cutscene will show you two Hoods’ Rumpo XLs, and a member of Purple Nines smoking nearby. When he’ll spot you, he’ll call for help.


Kill all of the Purple Nines members


After you killed all of the Purple Nines members there, sit in your car. Another van will drive to you, trying to destroy your car.


Make sure Purple Nines are not chasing you


After you made the last objective, drive back to Liberty Campus and call Tony. The following conversation will appear.


Anthony: “Alright, Tony, I made it. Nines won’t disturb you.”

Tony: “Great. My agent will give you your reward. Peace.”


Mission passed!



Conditions of mission failing:

You failed to get to the destination within the time limit

Edited by SatournFan

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New mission is out. Rate and comment, please.


Mission name: If the price is wrong...

Mission giver: Tony Binbow


Anthony picks up the phone and is ready to talk with Tony about the future job. However, it seems Tony doesn’t want to pick up the phone. Few seconds later a man in smoking appears.


Man: “Your name is Anthony Fields, right?”

Anthony: “What if yes?”

Man: “You’ll have to come with me. You’re under arrest for helping drug dealer Tony Binbow and for killing 10 innocent people.”

Anthony: “Huh?”

Man: “If you’ll try to escape...”

Anthony: “Hey, f*ck you!”


Anthony then takes out the pistol and shoots at man stomach 3 times. Man falls on the ground and dies immediately.


The cutscene shows 2 cops sitting in their car.


Cop 1: “Huh? Jerry, you heard it?”

Cop 2: “Yeah... Hey look, over there! That black guy killed a man!”

Cop 1: “sh*t! Everyone, there’s a crime taking place at Liberty Campus.”


The cutscene shows Anthony walking away in fast manner. A cop appears on background and starts to shout.


Cop: “Hey, there he is, guys! That guy killed a man in smoking!”

Anthony: “Dammit, Tony!”


You regained control of Anthony. You have a pistol. There are 4 cops on your tail, and you have a choice. You can either run away and gain 3 star wanted level, or you can fight the cops and gain 2 star wanted level immediately plus one or two more stars (depends on how much people you killed).


Either way, find a car and drive to Pay’n’Spray to lose the wanted level. Then drive back to your safehouse and save your game (the save won’t appear in any slot, so the game won’t crash).


After you saved your game, drive back to Liberty Campus and call Tony. The following dialogue will appear.


Anthony: “Tony?”

Tony: “Ant? Hey, if you...”

Anthony: “The sh*t was that, Tony? I got ambushed by those f*ckin’ cops!”

Tony: “Hey, sorry, I don’t have anything with it, someone ratted you.”

Anthony: “You... Go to hell!”

Tony: “Wait! Look, I have only one job to be done. Ant, please.”

Anthony: “No way! After what you done, working with you? Go f*ck a duck!”

Tony: “Okay. Listen, get your ass over here tomorrow, you’ll get a reward for what you done to me, no f*cking. My agent will be waiting for you.”

Anthony: “I wish the price will be right, another way...”

Tony: “I understand, but don’t worry, I’m sure for that guy.”

Anthony: “Okay, but I don’t want to know you any more, Tony. Wish you good luck in prison. Ciao.”


Mission passed!

No reward

Edited by SatournFan

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And new mission, last for Tony.


Mission name: The reward

Mission giver: Tony Binbow


Anthony goes to the phone, where Tony’s agent already waits.


Agent: So, you’re that Anthony guy, eh? The reward is waiting for you at that Banshee. Go and take.

Anthony: Thanks.


Anthony goes to the car and sits in. Immediately we see agent calling someone. Anthony’s searching for money.


Anthony: Damn, where he put it?


Suddenly, the police appears and surrounds the car.


Anthony: Huh? Damn, he’s double agent!

Cop: Get out with your hands up, now.

Anthony: Never, f*ckin’ pig.


You regained control of the player. Get out of the car and shoot the cops nearby. You’ll have your wanted level raised up to 4 stars, so clear it at the nearest Pay’n’Spray and come back home.


Mission passed!

No reward

Edited by SatournFan

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Alright, so I'm back, and I made several missions for Ray Machowski and King Courtney.


Ray's strand:


Mission name: Getting even


After the last mission, you’ll receive a message from Ray, who’ll tell you to meet in Belleville Park. Drive there.


After you arrived, the following dialogue will take place.


Ray: Oh, great you came. Listen, we have a little problem with one suspect. He has a great alibi, so no one will let us put him in cage. I want you to scare him, so he will break.

Anthony: If the price will be right... And I’ll have alibi that I didn’t do anything.

Ray: Deal. Now, he must be heading to his house. Don’t let him reach it.

Anthony: Okay.


The cutscene will show the suspect heading to his house from Cedar Grove. Get to the Ammunation and grab the Micro Uzi. Find a car and locate the suspect before he reaches his house in Fort Staunton. After you caught him, the cutscene will show Anthony dragging the suspect out from his car.


Suspect: Hey, what the..?

Anthony: You’re comin’ with me, asshole!


Drive suspect back to Belleville Park. The following cutscene will appear.


Ray: So, I heard you have some strong alibi.

Suspect: And?

Ray: If you’ll prove it, you’ll be dead. You want it?

Suspect: Asshole!

Ray: Anthony, show him I’m not joking.

Anthony (showing the gun to suspect): You see now?

Suspect: Okay, okay. Just let me live.

Ray: Good boy. You can be free now. Anthony, I’ll call you later.


Mission passed!



Mission name: Resist to die


Anthony meets Ray in Belleville Park. The following dialogue has place:


Ray: Oh, here you are, Anthony. Listen, that suspect whom we caught not long ago... Well, turned out he proven his alibi to the court. Now, he only needs to come to session. But I don’t want him to do it. You need to kill him before the session begins.

Anthony: Okay, Ray. Consider it done.

Ray: I believe in you.


You regained control of player. Find a taxi and drive to suspect’s house. The following cutscene will appear:


Suspect: Oh, finally, here you are. Quick, drive me to the court.


Drive the suspect to silent place. The following cutscene will appear once you done it:


Suspect: Hey, what the..?

Anthony: Remember me, asshole?

Suspect: Oh, sh*t! Open the doors, idiot!

Anthony: No. You’re going to hell.


Drive the suspect to Harwood Car Crusher and exit it. The cutscene of car crushing in crusher will appear.


After you’ve done it, Anthony will call Ray. The following dialogue will appear:


Anthony: Ray? I’ve killed him.

Ray: Excellent job! Meet me again at the same place. Ciao.


Mission passed!


Ray will now be able to clear your wanted level


Mission name: Back into black


Anthony meets Ray in Belleville Park. Ray seems nervous and when he notices Anthony he shouts at him.


Ray: Anthony, where the f*ck you’ve been?

Anthony: What happened, Ray?

Ray: What happened?.. What happened... And he’s asking me “what happened?” Federal Bureau of Investigation found out that I’m killing people, that’s “what happened”!

Anthony: What?! FBI on your tail? How?

Ray: After you killed that guy, his friend told everything about me and my business. Now they’re searching for me.

Anthony: And what I must do?

Ray: Drive me away. In Portland. My friend lives there. But be really fast, FBI can appear out of nowhere.

Anthony: Okay, okay. Let’s go then.


Find a car and drive Ray to Callahan Bridge. After the cutscene showing destroyed Callahan Bridge the following dialogue appears.


Anthony: And what now?

Ray: f*ck... Wait! My Japanese friends from Yakuza! Drive me to Torrington.


Drive Ray to Torrington. While you’re riding, the dialogue will appear.


Anthony: What you forgot on the Asian territory?

Ray: I have friends in Yakuza. Their leader, Kenji Casen, maybe will do something.

Anthony: Okay, okay.


After you came to the Casino at Torrington, the cutscene shows Ray thanking Anthony for the ride and running inside the Casino.


Mission passed!



Here ends Ray's strand.

Edited by SatournFan

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Now, for King Courtney's missions.


Mission name: On the weed tracks


After the mission “If the price is wrong...” you’ll get a phone call from an unknown caller. The following dialogue appears:


Anthony: Who’s that?

Caller: Anthony Fields, yah? The name’s King Courtney. My men were racing with you back in the days you were in Shoreside.

Anthony: Oh, so you’re the Yardie leader... What you want from me?

K. Courtney: Look, mon’. My gang lives a hard time, and you could help us, yo’. So?

Anthony: What about the price?

K. Courtney: Everything will be cool, yo’. Get your ass over to my crib in Rockford, we gotta talk.


Drive to King Courtney’s apartment at Rockford. Inside, the cutscene will show two men lying on the floor, other two will be playing billiard and the last will be watching TV. When he’ll notice Anthony, he’ll give a sign to others, and all of them will get out from the room. The dialogue will start:


K. Courtney: ‘Ey, mon’. So, ya’ that guy Fields. I’m King Courtney.

Anthony: I see. So, why you phoned me anyway?

K. Courtney: As I said ‘fore, my gang lives a hard time now. You the man who can help us.

Anthony: Okay, King. Pay me right, and I’ll do everything.

K. Courtney: Good. Listen, mah’ boys lost mah’ weed on the way here, and I don’t like when mah’ weed’s gone. They said some Diablos captured it. I need you to return it.

Anthony: Cool. I’ll go then.


The cutscene will show two Yardies nearby King’s apartment. Anthony will go to them and ask about the delivery. One of them will notice that the Diablo Stallion with the lost weed went to Portland, to Diablos’ territory in Hepburn Heights. Get there. The cutscene will show two Diablo Stallions and 7 men dressed in unique clothes – Diablos. After Anthony will go to talk to them, the following dialogue will appear:


Anthony: Hey! You’re the Diablos, right?

Diablo: Yes, ‘n so what, punk?

Anthony: You took something that belongs to me. Give it peacefully, and I’ll go away.

Diablo: ‘Ey, ya’ heard it, guys? This punk says that we stole his weed.

Diablo2: Teach ‘im a lesson, Ricardo!

Diablo: Okay, come ‘ere, punk.


Kill Ricardo. After that the following dialogue will appear:


Diablo2: That sh*thead killed Ricardo!


Kill the remaining Diablos and grab the weed. After that, two Diablo Stallions will chase you. Shake them off and drive the weed to King Courtney.


Mission passed!


Yardies will now help you when you’re attacked on their turf.


Mission name: Yardi-ablos


Anthony knocks at Courtney’s door. After a little while Yardie member quickly opens it and points his gun’s barrel at Anthony.


Yardie: Hey, mon! The f*ck are you? Outta here ‘fore I shoot ya’ head!

Anthony: Hey, calm down! I’m here to see King!

Yardie: Oh... Anthony? Sorry, mon, C’s kinda nervous ‘dis days. Better not f*cking him up.

Anthony: Okay, I will. Now, let me talk with him.


Anthony comes to King, who’s staring at floor. Anthony touches his shoulder and King stands up, screaming.


King: Holy sh*t! f*ck, who are you? Get outta here, mon. Nicky, why you let some scumbags in, f*cker?

Nicky: C, it’s that guy Anthony ya’ need’a see, mon.

King: What?! Oh, damn. Hey, sorry, mon. Sit, we need’a talk. Some bad sh*t happened, mon.

Anthony: What is it?

King: Those f*ckin’ Diablos are f*ckin’ up ma’ business, mon. They just keep f*ckin’ up ma’ drug deliveries to those Forelli pigs. I think there’s a rat in ma’ gang, and we need to find and kill it. C’mon, let’s go.


Sit in the car with King and Nicky and drive to Diablos turf in Portland.


King: Aw’right, here we are, folks. Time to blast some Diablo asses to find that rat.


Kill some of the Diablos. After a while, a cutscene will show Diablo member running away, who will scream: “God damn, King found me! Guys, protect me from those dicks!” Chase down and kill the rat. Beware the Diablos on your way, they’re holding some strong weapons. After you killed the rat, return to King.


Anthony: I did it, King. The rat’s gone for good now.

King: That’s great, mon. Come back if you need some more money.


Mission passed!



Mission name: Lost in the hood


Right before Anthony comes inside King’s apartment, he receives the message from King:

“’Ay, yo’, ‘Tony! I need’a some help, mon. Come to the Diablos hood in Portland, yo’.”


Find a car and drive to Hepburn Heights. After you’ve done it, the cutscene will show King and three more Yardies crouching near the building. Some Diablos are seen talking and playing basketball nearby. When King notices Anthony, he starts to talk.


King: Yo’, Anthony! Over here, mon!

Anthony crouches and moves to Yardies.

Anthony: What happened, King? Why are you here?

King: Look, y’see them Diablos? We’re going to take ‘em out.

Anthony: What? What happens, King? Why you need a war with ‘em?

King: Y’see, them f*cka’s are waiting for Yakuzas to come. They made a deal. If we’ll take ‘em out before it, Diablos will become nothing. Ya’ down, mon?

Anthony: Of course I am.

King: By the way, Banjo here has something huge for ya’. Banjo, show the thing.

Banjo drags out an M4.

Anthony: Holy crap, where did you get it?

King: It’s ma’ problem, mon. Let’s go, we have a couple of minutes.


The next cutscene will show King, Anthony and the Yardies coming to the Diablos hood.


King (screaming): ‘Ey, you! Sons of bitches! Eat this!


Get to the Diablos hood and kill all the Diablos there. After it, another bunch of Diablos will appear, take them out too. Protect King while doing it. After you killed all the Diablos, the cutscene will show two Diablo Stallions coming out of nowhere and shooting at Yardies, two of which will die instantly. King will shout to the remaining: “Damn it! Guys, back to our car!” Anthony, King and the last of Yardies will run to their car.


King: Go, mon, go! We’ll take care of ‘em!


Drive King back to his apartment. Try to shake Diablos off. After you made it, King will thank you for what you’ve done.


Mission passed!


Diablos will now attack you on their turf


Here ends King's strand for now. More missions are on their way, stay tuned.

Edited by SatournFan

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One more mission for King Courtney.


Mission name: The Mousetrap


Anthony knocks at King’s door, from the other side someone says “Come in, mon!” After coming, Anthony sees King and three more Yardies smoking weed. The apartment is full of smoke, and Anthony can barely breathe. King greets Anthony and tells him to sit down.


Anthony: “What is all this about, King?”

King: “Y’see, ma’ mon, everyone needs a rest. I mean, everyone. Yeah... You want some?”

Anthony: “No, no, thanks, I’m not into this sh*t.”

King: “Whatever... Oh yeah, I totally forgot. Anthony, mon, I want you to f*ck some Diablos up.”

Anthony: “Guhh, again? You said you were tired of all this?”

King: “Shut up, mon. Now listen. Some of them are haging out at my turf. I think they are up to something. You better get them outta here.”

Anthony: “Like how?”

King: “Take a car, drive them to our trap and enjoy the show. Now get outta m’face.”

Anthony: “Uhh... Whatever you say, King.”


After the cutscene ends, Anthony will notice the Yardie Lobo parked nearby. Sit in it and drive to the place where the Diablos were seen last time. After it, the cutscene will show like 6 or 7 Diablos hanging out nearby. Anthony will whistle and say “Hey, you! Wanna race a bit, suckas?” Diablos will run to their cars and start to chase you. Drive to the Yardies trap, it should be near the construction site. After it the cutscene will show 3 or 4 Yardies with M4 shooting at the Diablo Stallions, making them explode.

Anthony texts King about the job. King will respond like this “Aw’right, mon. Come over to m’place, we have some more sh*t to care ‘bout.”


Mission passed!


M4 is now unlocked in the Ammunation

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One more mission for King is done.


Mission name: Dogs on the run


Anthony enters King’s apartment. Inside, King is telling something to 4 Yardies. When he notices Anthony, he greets him.


King: “Ow, here y’are, mon’. Great’a see you.”

Anthony: “What do you need now, King?”

King: “Y’see, mon’, some dicks are thinking they’re good enough to rob me. We need to stop ‘dis sh*t, are y’down, mon’?”

Anthony: “Man, I’m always down, you know.”

King: “Great! Aw’right, so this guy here is Loco, and Banjo, you know him.”

Anthony: “So, where are we going?”

King: “To the lil’ store nearby. We’ll stop ‘dis sh*t, mon’. Let’s go.”


Find a 4-seater and pick up King, Loco and Banjo. After it, drive to the store King mentioned a while ago. After reaching it, a cutscene will show two or three Triads coming in and then running away. King will command you to follow them. Don’t get too close, or they’ll notice you, but don’t lose them anyway. The Triads will stop at Chinese Market in Portland. This is the good time for attack, as King thinks, so get out of the car and kill the Triads you just followed. After it, few more Triads will appear, so kill them too. Then you’ll have to drive Yardies back to King’s apartment. There King will thank you for the job.


Mission passed!


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Another mission is done.


Mission name: Chinese steak

Mission giver: King Courtney


Anthony comes into King’s apartment, only to see no one inside. Asking himself “what the f*ck?”, Anthony goes outside and receives a pager message from King:

“Yo’, mon’, it’s me, King. We have something insane on our minds. I’ll see ya’ near Red Light District.”


Drive to Red Light District. After you’ve done, the cutscene will show King and Banjo staying in one of the alleys, smoking and talking about something. King will notice you and welcome to their conversation.


King: “Oh, here y’are, mon’.”

Anthony: “What do you have in your head now?”

King: “Ya’ remember Triads? Well, they are being assholes, trying to smack my boys near that store. We have to teach ‘em a lil’ lesson, ya’ down?”

Anthony: “Yeah, okay. What do I have to do?”

King: “Hey, Banjo, show the kid.”


Banjo goes to the nearest trashcan, opens it and drags out a Flamethrower.


Anthony: “Holy sh*t. Where the hell did you get it?”

Banjo: “It’s a secret.”

King: “Now, there are some Triads hanging around near our store. I want you to burn ‘em down. Then you’ll be free.”

Anthony: “Oh, man... Wait. What are you gonna do then?”

King: “We’ll be nearby and watch the cops. But look, you gotta do this fast, I don’t wanna bad reputation, mon’.”

Anthony: “Okay... Give me this... and wish me luck.”

King: “Luck, mon’.”


Drive to the Yardies’ store. There you’ll see like 6 or 7 Triads hanging around. Now, you’ll have one minute to burn them all down. If you’ll fail to do it, the cops will show up and you’ll be arrested. After you’ve burned them all, few more Triads will appear from the alleys nearby, burn them too before the time ends. King will appear in Yardie Lobo.


King: “C’mon!”


Sit inside Yardie Lobo and drive King back to his apartment. While driving, a little dialogue between the two will take place.


King: “I see you’ve done the job. Damn it, mon’, you’re cool.”

Anthony: “Yeah, thanks. They nearly killed me but you’ve appeared... By the way, where’s your friend, Banjo?”

King: “Goddamn cops took him, I had to run. But no worries, we’ll free him.”

Anthony: “Oh, of course...”


When you’ll reach the apartment, King will thank you and give some cash.


Mission passed!


Now, a Yardie Lobo will appear nearby your safehouse

Triads are now hostile to you

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Good mission, man. Loved the Burn part. Keep them coming.

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Two months... Wow. Anyways, new mission.


Mission name: Man in Black

Mission giver: Ray Machowski


After few in-game hours have passed, you’ll get a message from Ray.


“Anthony! We’ve got a problem! Meet me at the old place. Ray.”


Once you’ve reached it, you’ll see Ray outside the toilet. He’ll seem a bit nervous.


Anthony: “Ray, I got your message. What happened?”

Ray: “Cops have somehow known I’m helping Cartel and Yakuza. There’s a snitch, that’s for sure. But another problem is that they know YOU were doing all the jobs!”

Anthony: “What?!”

Ray: “You need to leave Liberty City, or they’ll get you.”

Anthony: “What? Now way! I’m not leaving! I’ll better die fighting than run like a pussy!”

Ray: “Are you kidding me? Come on! My plane is going to leave in 3 hours. We have a chance to start a new life!”

Anthony: “No! You leave, Ray, I’ll stay here and fight like a man.”

Ray: “Your choice, son...”


Suddenly, the SWAT van will appear out of nowhere, as well as cops.


Anthony: “What the hell?”


The cutscene will show Ray running away and then sitting in a car. The car will drive away, leaving Anthony alone with a big amount of enemies.


The cutscene will end, and some weapon pickups will appear all around the park. Your goal now is to fight and kill all the enemies. Once all the enemies are killed, you’ll receive a message from John.


“Anthony, bro! There are cops all around the goddamn place! Help me!”


Drive to your safehouse before the time is out. After that kill all of the enemies who surrounded the house. Once you’ve done it, the cutscene will begin.


John: “What ‘da f*ck, bro?”

Anthony: “That f*ckin’ cop tricked me! We have to hide for a while now. I’ll ask Miguel to provide a little place to hide. You better stay at the construction site and keep calm, alright?”

John: “Yeah, good, bro. Thanks for saving me.”

Anthony: “Nevermind...”


Mission passed!

You’ll now receive a 2-star wanted level instead of usual 1-star if you’ve done any crime

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New mission, guys.


Mission name: Before the storm

Mission giver: King Courtney


When the mission “Man in black” is done, King will call you and tell that he has a plan on how to free Banjo. But first he, of course, needs some firepower. And so, he tells you to visit his old friend, Phil, who has his own compound in Rockford. “P” icon will appear on a radar, so drive there in order to start the next mission.


Once you reach the place, a brief cutscene will show one-armed man holding an M16. Anthony will come to him and ask if he’s King’s friend Phil. Man will say that he really is and he will provide the needed gunpower, but he has a sort of a favor in return. When it will be done, Phil will give Yardies the guns he promised.


In order to get the guns, the player has to complete Phil’s task – steal a Rhino for his compound. Since Rhinos can’t be found on the roads usually and they don’t have a spawn point, the player has to get 6 star wanted level and only then steal a Rhino from the army and drive it to Phil’s compound. To make it easier for the player to reach the 6 star level, Phil left some free guns at his place, however they will disappear after you’re done. Also, there are armor and health pick-ups at his place.


There are several ways to get the needed wanted level, but the best is to get to the Staunton Island Police Station (where you’ve met Ray earlier in the game). It’s enterable in this mission only, and if you’ll try your best, you can easily get the 6 star level. But nevertheless, it’s up to you.


After you’ve gotten the needed wanted level, hijack a Rhino and drive it to Phil’s compound. Watch out for cops, they will try to get you out of the vehicle and the mission will be failed. Once Phil has got what he needed, he’ll tell that he kept his promise and the guns are already in the trunk of his van. To finish the mission, you have to deliver the van to King’s apartment. But it’s not going to be a piece of cake, since you still have your 6 star wanted level. Respraying the van will be the greatest idea to make police stop chasing you. Deliver the guns to King’s apartment, where he’ll meet you with brief dialogue, and the mission is complete!


Mission passed!


Phil’s compound is now open, and you can buy guns from him. You can buy the following weapons:

- Pump-Action Shotgun (3.000$)

- M16 (7.000$)

- Flamethrower (15.000$)

- 5 Grenades (1.500$)

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New mission for King is done.


Mission name: Key

Mission giver: King Courtney


After you’ve completed the previous mission, you’ll get another phone call from King, who will say that the only thing which is left to bust Banjo out is a keycard to the cells. Only three men who work at Staunton Police Station have it, and only one is in Liberty City right now, so the best choice to acquire the key will be stealing it from the man who has it. He’ll also tell you that he stashed some M16 near his house. Go there and get it.


Now, there are two possible ways to complete the mission – as always, one is easy, and the second is tougher.


1st way – The easy way is to locate the man and kill him instantly. Your target will be marked on radar as a pink square and he’s been driven away from the police station at the moment. Find a car and get to work. After you’ve found him, you have 3 minutes to crash his car and kill him, or he’ll escape. After you’ve killed him, pick up the keycard. You’ll be rewarded with the 3 star wanted level, so get to the nearest Pay’n’Spray and respray your car. Anthony will call King and say that it’s done. King will say: “Good, mon’. Now, it’s time for action. I’m waiting for ya’ at mah’ crib, mon’.”


2nd way – The tougher way to complete this mission is to do the following: locate your target and find out where he’s heading. When he’ll stop and enter the building, kill the guards and enter it. There will be at least 5 more guards inside, so kill them too in order to get to the target. When you’ll find him, the following cutscene will play:


“Anthony finds his target and points the barrel of his gun at target’s face.

- Nothing personal. I just need your keycard.

- Wait, wait! Don’t kill me, please! I have family! You need a keycard? Here, take it, but please, don’t kill me!

A man will give his keycard to Anthony.

- Okay. You’re lucky... For now...

Anthony goes away, and the camera points at man’s face, who will say:

- Stupid...”


When the cutscene will be over, exit the building. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be surrounded by at least 5 policemen. Turns out that the man whom you left in building called the backup. Kill the cops and find a car. You’ll now have 5 star wanted level, so drive to the nearest Pay’n’Spray and respray your car. Anthony will call King and say that it’s done. King will say: “Good, mon’. Now, it’s time for action. I’m waiting for ya’ at mah’ crib, mon’.”


Mission passed!


Now, any cop who’ll see you near the police station will try to shoot you down (if you’ve chosen the 2nd way)

All the bribes in Liberty City disappear (they will appear again when you’ll complete the story; doesn’t depend on what way you’ve chosen)

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The last mission for King.


Mission name: King's Freedom

Mission giver: King Courtney


Few hours after you’ve completed the last mission, King will text you:


“Yo’, mon, ‘dis the moment of everything. Meet me at mah’ crib.”


Find a 4-seater and pick up King and two Yardies. The following dialogue will appear:


“- Alright, so here we are. About to finally finish this sh*t.

- O-ye’, mon. When Banjo is free, I’m leaving the city. Tired of all ‘dis bullsh*t.

- Who will lead the gang then?

- Banjo. He’s the only loyal I know.

- Okay.”


Drive King, Yardies and yourself to Staunton Police Station. Once there, park your car not far from the building.


“- Aw’right, breda’s, here it is. Fortress we need to destroy. Everyone’s good?

- Yeah

- For sure

- Always good

- Good is good. Follow me”


Follow King to the entrance. After the first guard will be killed, an action itself will begin. You now have 4-star wanted level. Fight your way to the entrance and enter the station. Once inside, a big group of guards will meet you. Kill everyone and find Banjo.


“- King! You here!

- Let’s go, m’breda, ‘fore more cops appear.”


Defend Banjo while fighting your way back outside. Once you’ve exited, the following cutscene will begin:


“The group of Yardies along with Anthony have successfully exited the building. Camera shows Banjo, who’s smiling. Suddenly Banjo drags out a pistol and shoots down both Yardies, killing them. King will respond: “What the f*ck?!”, just before being injured as well.


- You... you were like a brother to me...

- Nothing personal. I had to do it. Now, I’m a free man.

- Not so fast...


Anthony drags out an Uzi and kills Banjo, then comes to King.


- Hey, are you alright?

- Yeah... Get outta here, mon. You’ve done a great job... I’ll be okay.”


The cutscene ends, and now the player has the control of Anthony. You now have 5 star wanted level, so get in any car and respray it. After you’ve done it, head back to your apartment. Moments after you’ll receive a text from Miguel: “Amigo! Cartel needs your help! Meet me at the construction site. Miguel.”


Mission passed!

Now, the police will keep an eye on you even more. You’ll now get a 2 star wanted level after doing any crime at any part of Liberty City.

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That was yet another captivating mission. Great one!


I know Banjo would turn his fatty ass against us. Can't wait for the next mission.


Keep it up, mate!

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Well, at least someone posts feedback.


Thanks, shiva.

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I actualy read most of the missions. Am i the only one that imagines them in GTA?

They're great, is there any chance you make these in DYOM or ask a scripter to do them?

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