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Grand Theft Auto III: Southside Story


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GTA III: Southside Story is a DLC to an original game called Grand Theft Auto III. This story is about Anthony Fields, a little soldier of Red Jacks gang in Shoreside Vale. Anthony’s doing the jobs for the boss of the gang, D-Ice, and also meets some new partners and people, like Miguel, the leader of Colombian Cartel, Ray Machowski, a former cop who’s loyal to Yakuza’s sub-leader, Asuka Kasen, King Courtney, the leader of Staunton Yardies, and many other characters, that can help him. Anthony must prove to all of them that he can be loyal and show his strength to others.


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Liberty City, end of 2000 year. Shoreside Vale and Staunton is full of gangs and crimes. Portland is under police and government control, but there are gangs too, especially mafias.

Shoreside Vale. The full south is under Red Jacks control, who are celebrating victory after winning the war with Purple Nines, and the Cartel, which influenced the whole North and West, is going to make an alliance with Red Jacks, to cut a piece of Wichita Gardens.

Staunton. Yakuza made some progress and controlled the north and east parts of city. Cartel isn’t sleeping too; they influenced Fort Staunton and western parts of the city. While Cartel and Yakuza are having a war, a little group called Yardies, whose leader is King Courtney, progresses through the north and now controlling Aspatria and Liberty Campus.

In this nightmare, a little soldier of Red Jacks, named Anthony Fields, or Ant, and his little faction, called Wichita Jacks, is having a war with a little street gang, called Purple Nines. Anthony is close to losing this war and some territories, which were controlled by Red Jacks, like Wichita Gardens, which is the main dealing spot of D-Ice, the leader of Red Jacks, and Pike Creek, that is under heavy attack of Yakuzas too.

Anthony must prove that he can return Wichita Gardens and another lost in war turfs, but there are Yakuza and Cartel, and they want the piece of Red Jacks’ turfs too.


user posted image


Here are so called turf maps with gans' territories on them.




Late 2000-Early 2001


user posted image


Yakuza is controlling several territories of north, like Newport, and east, like Torrington, but their influence is going to be ruined by Cartel and Leone Mafia.

COLOR: Dark Black


Leones, in that case, progressed more than Yakuza. They are influencing central parts of the city, and also the whole Portland.

COLOR: Light black


Colombian Cartel, which is new to the city, also progresses more than Yakuza, the proving is that they have controlled Fort Staunton and the western parts.

COLOR: Yellow


Yardies, which are the most little part of gang wars, controlling Aspatria and Liberty Campus. Also they want to take Torrington from Yakuza.

COLOR: Green




user posted image


Yakuza made some little progress, but still not conquered new turfs, only extended the sphere of influence in Newport and Torrington. Also, with the help of Claude, Yakuza forced Leones out of town.

Colombian Cartel also didn’t conquer any more parts of city, but is trying to influence Belleville Park and Rockford.

Yardies did the big progress; they are now leading the whole Aspatria, Liberty Campus and Rockford.


Late 2001


user posted image


Yakuza lost Torrington after Kenji’s death, but conquered Fort Staunton from Cartel after Claude helped them to clear the building site, so Cartel lost the main dealing turf. Also, after Miguel’s kidnapping, Cartel lost influence in the whole Staunton.

Yardies didn’t make some new moves, only consolidated influence on Aspatria, Liberty Campus and Rockford.


Shoreside Vale


Late 2000-Early 2001


user posted image


While Red Jacks and Purple Nines are having a war for Wichita Gardens and Pike Creek, Colombian Cartel, which is influencing the main parts of the city, actually, they are central and northern. Also, they are trying to make an alliance with Red Jacks, to conquer them in the future.


Red Jacks Color: Red


Purple Nines Color: Purple


Colombian Cartel Color: Yellow, as above




user posted image


Red Jacks lost some parts of Wichita Gardens, which means that Purple Nines grew bigger at the south. Colombian Cartel looks like the leading part of the city; they are controlling the whole Cedar Grove, Cochrane Dam, territories around Francis Intl. Airport and a part of Pike Creek. Also, the Cartel (thanks to Miguel) made an alliance with Red Jacks, which means that they are influencing the part Wichita Gardens.


Late 2001


user posted image


Red Jacks and Purple Nines are having a massive war for Wichita Gardens, but with the help of Cartel, Jacks are going to win this. The Yakuza, after losing Torrington, tried to take Pike Creek from Red Jacks, and they did it.


user posted image


Anthony “Ant” Fields

Anthony is 28 years old soldier of Red Jacks gang and a former leader of Wichita Jacks faction. In the late 2000, some new gang, called Purple Nines, was trying to conquer Wichita Gardens and take Red Jacks down, so D-Ice, the leader of the whole Jacks, created a special little faction of Red Jacks, called Wichita Jacks, and made Anthony a leader of this gang. In early 2001, group was disbanded by D-Ice, because Anthony lost some turfs and gave a piece of Wichita Gardens to Purple Nines. Anthony is a responsible man, if he was given a task, then it will be completed.


John Fields

John is 30 years old soldier of Red Jacks gang and a former sub-leader of Wichita Jacks faction. He was given an offer to join Red Jacks in late 1999, when the gang was in the development stage. John agreed this, and from that time he became a favorite soldier of D-Ice, the leader of Red Jacks. In the late 2000, John became a sub-leader of Wichita Jacks faction, but in early 2001, the group was disbanded.



D-Ice is the leader of Red Jacks. More info about him you can get here: http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/D-Ice



Miguel is the head of Colombian Cartel in Liberty City. More info about him you can get here: http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/Miguel



MC is member of Red Jacks and a good friend to Fields brothers. He has his own illegal weapon store and car business. He plays a little role in some missions.


Ray Machowski

Ray is a close friend to Miguel and a head of Staunton Police Station. Get some more info here:



Tony Binbow

Tony is 29 years old partner of Ray Machowski and a friend of D-Ice. In the late 2000, Tony arrived in Liberty City to make some money, but his first business was closed by police. Then he met D-Ice, who gave him some work and paid him for completing them. After completing the last job from D-Ice, he thanked him and opened a car business in Staunton. He’s cutting the deals and makes money via phone ringing to client.


King Courtney

King is the leader of Staunton Yardies. Get more info about him:




Banjo is a co-leader of Uptown Yardies and the most important member in the gang. Appears in several missions and supports the player.


user posted image



Missions Giver
1 Introduction None
2 F*ck 'em to explode! D-Ice
3 Purple disaster D-Ice
4 Columbian wants alliance D-Ice
5 Dams and Donkeys D-Ice
6 Packing Pickup John
7 He's begging for mercy Miguel
8 Race for base Miguel/???
9 Toys that can kill John Fields
10 Loss of Big Boss Miguel
11 A friend in need... D-Ice
12 Keeping high, while being low D-Ice
13 First hit Miguel/???
14 Friend of friend Ray Machowski
15 Under the influence Tony
16 If the price is wrong... Tony
17 Reward Tony
18-20 Getting even, Resist to die, Back into black Ray Machowski
21-23 On the weed tracks, Yardi-ablos, Lost in the hood King Courtney
24 The mousetrap King Courtney
25 Dogs on the run King Courtney
26 Chinese steak King Courtney
27 Man in black Ray Machowski
28 Before the storm King Courtney
29 Key King Courtney
30 King's Freedom King Courtney
31 Problems Inside Miguel
32 Packages Miguel
33 Consequence Miguel
34 Traitor None
35 Last Stand None
user posted image


Narcis_speed6 for making the GFX section (except maps) for this DLC.


UNRATED69 for making so beautiful maps.


IvoryX for his "Wichita Gangsters" DLC for GTA III, which is actually improved me of making this.


Waddy for changing the topic name.


and also everyone who supports me here.

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Naming your character "Ant" feels a little too similar to GTA Thames City, but nonetheless, job well done. hope it lasts, though. gta 3 dlcs dont last for long


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Naming your character "Ant" feels a little too similar to GTA Thames City


Really? sh*t, I didn't know that.


Thanks for your support, today, it's gonna be a little update before missions.

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It has potential, I look forward to seeing how It plays out.

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Okay, time to start. Too bad I must do it without maps.



Anthony is wounded by the grenade explosion. His brother John runs to him, trying to wake him up.


John: “Anthony! Wake up! Wake up, for f*ck’s sake!”

Anthony: “Ooh... sh*t, what happened? f*ck, my head!”

John: “f*ck this head, Nines won’t wait for you!”

Anthony: “W... What? Nines?”


Anthony wakes up and looks around. In front of him goes the main action of the gang war: two Nines cars are barricading the road, and the soldiers of opponent gang are shooting Red Jacks. Anthony gets up. Suddenly, he jumps behind the Jacks car. Actually, someone from the Purple Nines threw a grenade at Anthony.


Anthony: “Oh, sh*t!”


Now, the controls are yours. The bold parts of text mean the objective.


Kill all Purple Nines that attacking you and your friends.


After killing all Purple Nines soldiers, John and Anthony are regrouping.


John: “Woo that was some heavy sh*t! D-Ice will be grateful about ‘dis, mate. I’ll catch ya’ later, bro’”


The intro mission ends, and then the intro video starts to play.


Metallica-For Whom the Bell Tolls is playing on the background, camera is moving above Liberty City, from Shoreside Vale hills to Portland, and then returns to Shoreside Vale. Somewhere before the first refrain, the logo of the DLC appears on screen, stays 5 second and then disappears. In the middle of the song, camera finds Anthony near his house, staying in front of it. Song starts to muffle, and then stops playing, while Anthony is heading to D-Ice’s house, the camera is moving behind him. Immediately after this, the first mission starts.

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Not a bad start at all mate icon14.gif

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Mission name: F*ck 'em to explode!


Mission giver: D-Ice


When you completed the Introduction, the first mission will start just after the intro video finished (like in an original game).


Anthony moves to D-Ice, who’s sitting in the sofa and eating cornflakes.


D-Ice: “Hey, Ant, good to see ya’, man!”

Anthony: “Hey, D.”

D-Ice: “I know about ya’ working with John and other soldiers with ‘dem Purple Nines. You did well, mate, but that’s not what I want from you. Listen.”

D-Ice: “Those punks are heading themselves to a war. If they really want it, then they’ll get it. But first, I have an easy job for ya’, okay?”

D-Ice: “There are some car dealers that dealing near my house. I want them dead, and their car destroyed.”

D-Ice: “Take the sticky bomb, smoke grenade and waste them at our parking, that’s just upper level from this place.”

Anthony: “Will be done, D.”


Get a sticky bomb and a smoke grenade from the Red Jacks parking upper from D-Ice’s house


Find a car, you’ll need some wheels for this job


Camera shows to player the location of car dealers.


Block the road for car dealers and throw a smoke grenade to the opened driver’s window


Sit in the dealing car and park it in the silent place, where no one can see how you’re destroying the car


Place the sticky bomb somewhere on the car


Go to the safe distance and destroy the car


After you finished the mission, you'll receive a pager message from D-Ice, who'll thank you for the job completed and tell to meet him at his apartment for some serious job.


Mission passed!


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Thanks for your support. First mission will be today.


And actually, yeah, Ivory, I liked your "Wichita Gangsters" DLC and too bad you cancelled it.

No problem.


Then wait for a little surprise soon wink.gif

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Mission name: Purple disaster


Mission giver: D-Ice


Anthony enters D-Ice's apartments and goes inside the bedroom, where D-Ice is watching his telly.


D-Ice: “Anthony! What a pleasure to meet you again!”

Anthony: “Hey, D. Have some work for me?”

D-Ice: “Work? Oh, yeah, work. Yeah, I have some. Listen...”


The D-Ice’s phone interrupts him.


D-Ice (on phone): “Yeah, speak... What? WHAT?!!”


D-Ice throws his phone on the floor.


Anthony: “Hey, what happened, D?”

D-Ice: “f*ck! That sh*t’s bad!”

D-Ice: “One of the soldiers just told me that Purple Nines are going to attack my house!”

Anthony: “Whoa! That’s not what I wanted to hear from you!”

D-Ice: “Listen, you’re my only chance, Ant. Take this sniper rifle (D-Ice opens the drawer and drags the sniper rifle out) get on the roof and take out all of ‘dem, okay?”

Anthony: “Yeah, yeah, I understood.”

D-Ice: “Oh and ya’ saw those three fools near my house? Tell them to defend the house.”

Anthony: “Okay, D. Be sure, I’ll take care of the Purple fools.”


Grab D-Ice’s sniper rifle


Get on the roof


Camera shows Anthony aiming and watching the street down, while the three soldiers near D-Ice’s house are preparing for action. The rifle will be only in the aiming regime, which makes the mission a little harder.


Wait for Purple Nines


(When the Nines are attacking) Kill all of the attacking Nines


(After killing all the Nines)


D-Ice is calling Anthony.


Anthony: “Everything’s cool, D, the Nines are now history.”

D-Ice: “Oh, you’re my saver, Ant, big thanks.”


Mission passed!


Sniper rifle is available at Ammunition


Conditions of mission failing:

One of the Purple Nines gets into D-Ice’s apartments, which causes D-Ice’s death

All of the ground soldiers are dead, which causes the easy way for Nines to get in

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Mission name: Columbian wants alliance


Mission giver: D-Ice


Anthony goes to D-Ice’s room and sees D-Ice talking with the guy which looks Mexican.


D-Ice: “Oh, that’s the guy I was telling about, Anthony. Hey, Ant!”

Anthony: “Hey, D. And Mr.?”

Miguel: “He he he, I like this guy. Anthony... right?”

Anthony: “Yes.”

Miguel: “Hey, don’t be shy, Ant. I’m cool with Mr. D-Ice.”

Anthony: “Then you’re cool with me. Who are you?”

Miguel: “My name is Miguel; I’m the head of Colombian Cartel, okay?”

Miguel: “Me and Mr. D-Ice had a deal. He told me that Purple Nines are attacking your turfs.”

Miguel: “Your gang will pay my agents the protection money, so those Nines won’t attack you.”

Miguel: “Also, he said that you’re good guy. We need someone like you in our cartel.”

Anthony: “Tell me what you want.”

Miguel: “Actually, I need you to help me in some... work. You’re the guy that seems loyal. So?”

Anthony: “So... we have a deal, I guess?”

Miguel: “He he, I like this guy. Well, yeah, we have a deal.”

Miguel: “Oh, oh, I forgot to say... umm... Would you like to start your work today and now?”

Miguel: “My agents are waiting for the package, here it is. (Miguel shows the package to Anthony) Can you deliver it to the building site in Fort Staunton?”

Anthony: “That seems easy. Hmm... Okay, I’ll do it.”

Miguel: “Very good! Oh, I forgot to tell you that Yakuzas want this package too.”

Miguel: “And you must deliver this in maximum of 8 minutes, my men won’t wait for you forever”

Anthony: “Nice. Okay, I’ll go.”


Sit in the car, you need it for the job


Deliver the package to the building site in Fort Staunton. Be careful, watch out for Yakuzas and Purple Nines


(After the package is delivered)


Miguel’s calling Anthony to thank him.


Anthony: “Miguel? If you want to ask about the package, then it’s delivered nice.”

Miguel: “Really? Excellent, you did the good job, son.”

Miguel: “Drop by my mansion at Cedar Grove, I have some more jobs for you.”


Mission passed!

10000$-20000$ (depending on the package damage; not damaged-20000$, half-damaged-10000$)

Miguel's missions are available at his mansion in Cedar Grove


Conditions of mission failing:

You leaved the first car you sit in

The package is fully damaged (which means destroyed)

You’re out of time


Please, give me feedbacks, I really need to know if it's good.

Maps added to first post

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Mission name: Dams and Donkeys


Mission giver: D-Ice


D-Ice is talking on phone, when Anthony goes into the apartments


D-Ice: “f*ck! This can’t be good. Just can’t!”


D-Ice puts the phone out.


Anthony: “What happened, D?”

D-Ice: “The situation is like sh*t for us. Purple Nines are loaded and protected, and we’re not.”

Anthony: “What happened, D?! Tell everything!”

D-Ice: “Well, today they and some new gang called Diablos are going to load the helicopter with supplies and do two stops: in Staunton and in Shoreside Vale.”

D-Ice: “If the heli will reach its destinations, then we’re dead, all of us.”

D-Ice: “Listen, they are now at the Cochrane Dam. Here, take an AK (D-Ice opens the drawer and drags out an AK) get to the Dam and kill all of fools, no matter Diablos or Nines.”

D-Ice: “Also, grab all the supplies you can. But be careful, cops aren’t sleeping; they’re watching the situation from the rivers.”

Anthony: “...”

D-Ice: “GO, what are you waiting for?”


Anthony goes out from apartments.


D-Ice: “DAMN!”


Camera shows the moving Securicar and then moves to the parked Hoods Rumpo XL.


Sit in the van and drive to Cochrane Dam before Diablos and Purple Nines loaded the helicopter


Immediately after killing all opponents, you’ll reach the 2-star wanted level.


Camera will show the boxes full of supplies, which must be loaded to the van’s trunk.


Grab all the supplies you can (if you chose Rumpo, then you can load 6 boxes, if you chose Securicar, then you can load 8 boxes)


While you’re loading your van, your wanted level will raise every game hour, up to 5 stars.


Drive the supplies to D-Ice’s hideout at Pike Creek


(After delivering the supplies to D-Ice’s garage)


D-Ice’s calling Anthony to thank him.


Anthony: “Everything’s cool, D-Ice, the van’s waiting for you at your garage.”

D-Ice: “Great, you did very good, Ant.”

D-Ice: “If you want some of the weapons from the stolen boxes, just drive to the garage, but remember; what free is free, and those guns aren’t free. See ya’ later, mate.”


Mission passed!

20000$-25000$ (depending on how many boxes you grabbed: 3 boxes-20000$, 4 boxes-21000$ up to 8 boxes-25000$)

D-Ice’s weapon hideout is available at Pike Creek



Conditions of mission failing:

You’re out of time (all supplies are loaded)

The supplies are destroyed

You leaved the van after you loaded the supplies

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Mission name: Packing Pickup


Mission giver: John Fields


Anthony walks near his house at Wichita Gardens. Suddenly, his phone starts to ring. John’s calling Anthony.


John: “Hey, Ant, it’s me, John.”

Anthony: “John? The hell you calling me? What happened?”

John: “Those f*cking Nines, they’re goin’ to attack ma’ home. And I don’t wanna this!”

Anthony: “Oh, man! What you need to do?”

John: “There’s that guy, Lou, that’s holding ma’ pickup at some place in Belleville Park, Staunton. I need it, so I can drive to the safe place.”

John: “Take it from him, but be careful, he won’t give it free. Then drive this to my home, okay?”

Anthony: “Yeah, yeah, man, okay, I’ll do it.”

John: “Cool, but be quick, Nines are going in next 6 minutes. Luck, bro’.”


Drive to Belleville Park and find Lou


After reaching the destination, camera will show Lou holding an Uzi, behind him is John’s pickup. Camera then moves to the place near the toilet cabins and shows some cops talking about something and eating donuts.


Retake John’s pickup from Lou


If you did the stealing silently, then you won’t get any wanted level, but if you’ll start to shoot, then you’ll have cops on your head and a 2-star wanted level. If cops are disturbing you, use Pay’n’Spray to lose their attention (it's optional to do this, though).


Drive the pickup to John’s place


John steps out from his apartments to street to thank Anthony.


John: “Man, you did the good job, bro’. Now, I’m going to another place to stay. See ya’.”


John sits in pickup and camera shows him driving out from his place.


Mission passed!


If you drove to John’s place with only 1 minute left, then you can be attacked by Purple Nines near John’s first home


Conditions of mission failing:

Pickup destroyed

You’re out of time

You left the pickup after sitting in


Please, give me and my missions some feedback, I want to know if I'm doing the right thing.

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Mission name: He's begging for mercy


Mission giver: Miguel


Anthony goes to Miguel’s mansion and asks guard if he can open the gates for Ant.


Anthony: “Hey, umm, mister. I want to see Miguel, he wanted something. My name is Anthony Fields.”

Guard: “Aha, well, you’re just in time, Anthony. Mr. Miguel is waiting for you inside.”

Anthony: “Thanks.”


The gates are opening, then Anthony goes to the mansion, opens the door and steps inside.


Miguel: “Anthony! I was expecting you, you know? And I don’t like when someone makes me waiting long.”

Anthony: “I’m... sorry, Miguel.”

Miguel: “Ahh, it doesn’t matter. Listen, what I have for you...”

Miguel: “One of my soldiers, Marco, turned on me because of money and greediness. Now, he wants back, but no one will like his coming back.”

Miguel: “I want you to make something. Take a Cruiser from the garage and make him beg for mercy, make him cry. When he’ll ready to be back, you’ll understand, drive him to the mansion.”

Miguel: “We’ll turn him back.”

Anthony: “Okay, but this seems hard and adventurous.”


Sit in the Cartel Cruiser parked at the garage


The camera will show the location of Marco. He’ll start to drive somewhere.


Follow Marco to his destination; don’t do anything stupid before he’ll drive to where he wants


After you reached Marco’s destination, you’ll see that he’s making a weed deal with Yakuza. After a little video Marco will be free, and the Yakuzas will leave.


Beat Marco up so you can bind him to the car’s hood


Marco after awakening: “Hey, what the f*ck? Who the hell are you?”

Anthony: “Miguel’s guy, but it doesn’t matter. You’re goin’ to a lil’ trip, asshole.”

Marco: “What? Oh, f*ck!”


Spook Marco, so he will beg for mercy, cry etc.


(Marco’s dialogues while on the hood)


“Oh, please, please!”

“What you doin’, no!”

“I understood, I under... Aah!”

“Please, please, let me free, let me freeee!”


(After the full spook)


Marco: “Okay, okay, I understood my mistakes, pleeease! Let me free!”

Anthony: “That’s right decision, asshole. Now, we’re going to Mr. Miguel.”


Drive the Cruiser to the mansion


Anthony (to Miguel’s man): “He’s now cool, he wants to be back. Show him to Miguel, okay?”

Goon: “Alright. Here’s your cash, American.”


Mission passed!


Mansion’s gates will open when you’ll close to them


Conditions of mission failing:

Marco’s dead, killed by you, car etc.

You beat Marco too bad

You leaved the Cruiser with Marco (in other ways, you must return to the Cruiser)

You leaved the Cruiser without Marco and walked too far from it


I'm still waiting for your feedbacks, guys. Leave them here, please.

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Mission name: Race for base


Mission giver: Miguel


Anthony enters the mansion territory and gets stopped by front guard.


Guard: “Hey, who the f*ck are you, pendejo?”

Anthony: “I’m here to see Miguel, fool!”

Guard: “Oh, I’m... I’m sorry, go.”

Anthony: “Thanks. (whisper) dickhead.”


Anthony goes inside the mansion, and sees Miguel talking on phone with someone, who’ll later be introduced as Catalina. Miguel will give a hand signal to Anthony, so he’ll sit and wait a while. After the call’s done, Miguel will start with Anthony.


Miguel: “Oh, finally, you’re here, Anthony! My f*cking Cartel is ruined!”

Anthony: “Hey, wait up, wait! What you mean? Who’s ruining it?”

Miguel: “Oh, some dickheads, called Yardies, or Uptown Yardies, or whoever they are!”

Anthony: “What? Yardies? They are little sh*t to your big faction, Miguel, they’re nothing!”

Miguel: “They want me to race! And they’re probably the best racers in the whole Liberty City! I have no chance...”

Anthony: “Wait up, you said race? I’ll beat them up. I’m the best racer of Red Jacks.”

Miguel: “Really? Oh, that’s great, really!”

Miguel: “The race is set in Staunton. You can take one of my Cruisers, if you want.”

Anthony: “No, thanks. I have a man who can make me a fast car.”


Anthony stands up and goes to the exit.


After Anthony stepped outside the mansion territory, he’ll text someone a message via pager. After a little while, the message target will respond, like this: “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re ma’ man, Ant! I’ll make you a ride, don’ ya’ worry, mate.”


Drive to Ant’s friend house in Wichita Gardens


After you reached the destination, the cutscene will show a man, dressed like Red Jacks, and an Infernus nearby.


Car guy: “Oh, here ya’ are, Ant! Nice car, eh? It’s yours. But don’ forget to bring it back.”

Anthony: “Cool, thanks, MC.”


Sit in Infernus


Drive to the race place, which is actually near Rockford Stadium, Staunton


After you reached the start point, you’ll be greeted by Yardie member. He’ll ask you to tell who he is. Anthony will reply that he’s Miguel’s man. After a while, the cutscene will show four racers preparing themselves to a ride. 3 seconds of countdown, and the race will begin.


Don’t forget; you need to be first to make Miguel’s request


After you finished the race and won it, the cutscene will show a well-dressed man with a big Afro going to Anthony’s car.


Man: “Good job, Miguel’s amigo. What’s up with ya’ name?”

Anthony: “It doesn’t matter for ya’, pendejo!”

Man: “Hehehe, you have a character, boy. I wanna see ya’ again. If you’ll ever be here, get to this location, so we can talk more.”

Man: “Vamanos!”


Man’s crew is heading out of Anthony’s sight.


Drive the car back to MC’s place to end this mission


Mission passed!


MC will give you a car once a day in every time you want

The delivery side mission is now unlocked. To begin it, get to MC’s place.


Conditions of mission failure:

You leaved the car after the race started (the dialogue will appear “How the hell you’ll win this race without wheels, huh?”)

You destroyed the Infernus (if you failed this mission at least one time, you’ll never get a car again from MC, so the alternate cutscene will begin. Also, you won’t unlock the delivery side mission)

You scared the racers (blew up their cars, shot at them etc.)


Finally, an update. Can you please comment on this, guys?

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It's nice and detailed, and a really good start! Maybe add some radio stations? Also, a few cars changed from the original isn't a bad idea, DLC's always do that, along with weapons! icon14.gif

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It's nice and detailed, and a really good start! Maybe add some radio stations? Also, a few cars changed from the original isn't a bad idea, DLC's always do that, along with weapons! icon14.gif

Yea. I'd love to see more music on Rise FM and MSX FM (my favorite stations)


Also, maybe some classic rock for Flashback


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I'll think about radio, maybe, when I'll end with missions, but no new cars and weapons.


Also, thanks for your feedback.

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I'll think about radio, maybe, when I'll end with missions, but no new cars and weapons.


Also, thanks for your feedback.

Why no new cars/weapons?


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First, there is no need to add new weapons/cars.


Second, I have no time to find them, I'm busy with school, DYOM and missions of this.

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I'm glad your still writing missions and they are pretty good too icon14.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally, a mission. I been busy 'cause of school, so here it is:


Mission name: Toys that can kill


Mission giver: John Fields


Anthony goes to John’s house, only to see a message from him.


Message: “Hey, Ant. If you’re reading this, then I have another task for you. Ya’ remember that Lou snitch of Purples. Well, he sent me a trap, now I’m surrounded by Purple Nines at their hideout near Wichita hills. Get over to MC, I already called him, he’ll show you his surprise for them Purples.”


Get over to MC’s place


After you arrived to MC, the cutscene will show the man fixing “Berkley’s RC Toys” van.


MC: “Oh, you’re here, Ant. Listen, we have no time for talkie, your brother’s in trouble.”

MC: “There are some RC toys cars rigged to blow, they only need a wall to destroy, if you understood.”

MC: “Drive this van to Purples hideout and destroy all of them who are there. And watch out for fuel, every car has its limited.”

MC: “Also, there are only 6 cars to be exploded, so you have only them before you can act yourself. Luck!”


Sit in “Berkley’s RC Toys” van


Drive the van to the located position


The cutscene will show every corner of Purple Nines’ hideout, there are goons everywhere.


You have 6 attempts before action. Destroy as much Purple Nines members as you can


After you destroyed all cars, 2 possible endings can be.


First: If you’re lucky to bomb every member with six RC cars, the end cutscene of this mission will directly play, showing Anthony saving John.


Second: If you didn’t kill all Purple Nines, the cutscene will show the remaining Purple Nines members paying attention to the suspicious van you’re sitting in. After it, one of them will scream: “Over there! The van! He’s inside, let’s get that bastard!”


Kill the remaining Purple Nines


After you killed all Purple Nines members, the cutscene will show Anthony saving John.


John: “Hey, thanks, bro’, without you, I’ll die from those dirty bitches.”

Anthony: “No need to thank me, man, you’re my brother!”

John: “Hey, take this, you really need it. And also, MC has a surprise for you. See ya.”


Get back to MC’s place


After you’re back to MC’s, you’ll receive the pager message from MC, telling to look for surprise around the place. After you found it, the mission complete.


Mission passed!


Unique light-red colored Cheetah with golden stripe

Uzi delivered to MC’s place


Conditions of mission failing:

You didn’t destroy any members with RC cars

You destroyed the van


Tell me what you think: what to add, what to remove. Don't be shy with your feedbacks and critics

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Nice work so far man! Keep it up! Waiting for further updates! icon14.gif


Some things though.


First, two little territory errors:

1. The Yakuza own ALL of Staunton's east shore, it's one large indivisible territory. There's no gap between Torrington and Newport

2. The Yakuza contol only east Newport, west Newport is controlled by the Uptown Yardies.

Take that into account. icon14.gif


Second, you don't need any new weapons and cars to make a good DLC project - don't listen to anybody, just carry on with your work!


Good luck, man. Hope to see it till the end. icon14.gif

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Thanks much, Arsen.

About turfs: I'm not quite a long time player of III, so I'll keep that in mind. Dunno about the maps though, maybe, the edited variant will come up at the end.


And yes, I'm not a fan of weapon and car addings or removings in III era. In IV maybe, but not in III.


Thanks for watching my topic anyway! The next mission will come in this weekend, I think. smile.gif

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New mission, as promised


Mission name: Loss of Big Boss


Mission giver: Miguel


Anthony comes inside Miguel’s mansion, where he sees Miguel arguing with someone via phone.


Miguel: “What?! You’ll never get it! I swe... Hello? Hello?! sh*t!”

Anthony: “Hey, Miguel, what’s up? Who was that?”

Miguel: “Oh, hey, Anthony. I didn’t see how you came here, but this doesn’t matter. Listen.”

Miguel: “I have a big problem with one puta, Carnales Guererro. He’s been threatening me, said that if I won’t give him my gang, his boys will kill me.”

Miguel: “And now, he’s heading to my mansion. I think, we won’t have a deal, so... Hey, Anthony! I have a little plan.”

Anthony: “What is... Oh no!”

Miguel: “Yes, you got me right. My man outside will give you a gun. All you need is just to protect the mansion until Carnales will surrender. Then, kill him.”

Anthony: “Oh, man. It’s everyday like kill, kill and kill. Okay, Miguel, I’ll try my best.”

Miguel: “Oh, that’s very good! I’ll pay you the right price, be sure. Now, go and get ready.”


After cutscene will show Anthony heading outside the mansion, the controls are yours again.


Find Miguel’s gunman and tell him about Miguel’s order and ask for a gun


A little cutscene will show Anthony’s and gunman’s conversation.


Anthony: “Hey, dude, Miguel told me that you can provide me with a gun.”

Gunman: “I’m ‘de right man to ask, amigo. What’s ‘de deal?”

Anthony: “Just give me the f*ckin’ gun!”

Gunman: “Oh, okay, okay, don’ be nervous, hey!”


Wait for Carnales’ men to arrive


After Carnales’ men arrived, the 5 minute timer will turn on.


Protect the mansion before Carnales will arrive


After timer’s off, the cutscene will show Carnales arriving at place.


Carnales: “Oh, what ‘de f*ck happened?”


The car Carnales is inside will drive off the screen.


Get in the nearest car and chase after Carnales


After couple of minutes of the chase, Carnales’ car will stop near Cochrane Dam, and Carnales himself will try to run from you.


Run after Carnales and kill him


After Carnales is dead, pick up his phone and contact Miguel.


Miguel: “What, again you?! You are not dead?! I knew that f*cker Anthony will...”

Anthony: “It’s me, Anthony.”

Miguel: “Oh... Oops. Sorry, I gotta go, bye.”

Anthony: “Miguel?”


By the way, there’s another way to complete this mission. You can kill Carnales by destroying his car while chasing him. Even though, you won’t earn mobile phone.


Mission passed!


Mobile phone earned(optional, see spoiler)


Conditions of mission failing:

All of Miguel’s men are dead before timer’s off

Carnales’ men destroyed the mansion

You lost Carnales


Give me a feedback, please.

Edited by SatournFan
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Can you post your feedbacks, please? It's really important for me.

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New mission!


Mission name: A friend in need...


Mission giver: D-Ice


Anthony goes to D-Ice’s house, to see him talking with MC and another man dressed like a dealer. Dealer will notice Anthony and point his gun at Ant, making Ant to do just the same.


D-Ice: “Woah, man, not that crazy! It’s Ant, the man I told ‘bout, chill!”

Anthony: “Who the f*ck is ‘dis sh*t brick?”

D-Ice: “Chill the f*ck out...”

Dealer: “It’s YOU who’s sh*t brick here. Time to die, foolio.”

D-Ice: “CHILL THE f*ck OUT, BOTH!”


Both dealer and Anthony took their guns out.


D-Ice: “TJ, that’s the man I told you about, Anthony Fields. He’s our brains and our hands. Anthony, that’s Tirus, the gun dealer I signed a contract with.”

D-Ice: “TJ will provide us a gun help, while we’ll help him instead, okay?”

TJ: “Hey, sorry for this misunderstanding, bro’. I’m cool.”

Anthony: “Yeah, me too.”

D-Ice: “Now, TJ wants our help. Just now.”

Anthony: “What’s the big deal? TJ, let’s go, we’ll solve your problem together, let’s go, mate.”


Anthony and TJ are heading outside D-Ice’s house.


TJ: “There’s my car, Stinger.”


Sit in TJ’s Stinger


TJ: “Okay, dude, I have a little problem with another dealer, of Purple Nines. He’s takin’ ma’ turfs, he’s takin’ ma’ customers. I need him to spray outta ma’ territories.”

Anthony: “Yeah, for sure. Ya’ know where he’s at the moment?”

TJ: “Yeah, he must be pushing SPANK in Pike Creek. Let’s make sure that bitch won’t sell it.”


Drive to Pike Creek


The cutscene will show dealer talking with customer about drugs.


TJ: “Okay, let’s teach ‘da fool. But first, I’ll offer him a peace. If not, then we’ll kill him in cold blood, ‘kay?”


TJ exits the car and goes to the dealer to talk about peace. After a little while, cutscene shows us TJ pointing his finger at the car Anthony’s inside. Then, a scream can be heard.


TJ: “There’s ‘dat bitch, fellas. Let’s teach ‘im a lesson!”

Anthony: “What the fu...?”


Cutscene will show several Purple Nines running to the car Anthony’s inside.


Anthony: “Oh, f*ck, I knew that something’s not alright with ‘dat guy!”


Get out from the car and shoot all Purple Nines and the dealer


The cutscene will show TJ running away from the place.


Catch and kill TJ


After TJ’s killed, Anthony will text D-Ice about the situation. After a while, Anthony will receive a message saying “What?! Don’t dare to kid me, Ant!”


Mission passed!

No reward (but you can keep the unique BP dark blue Stinger, however, BP won’t keep after you saved it in the garage)


Conditions of mission failing

Stinger’s destroyed

TJ’s killed before Pike Creek action

TJ ran away when he betrays Anthony

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This is so detailed, are these missions being coded or is it a concept?

Edited by The_Sorrow
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