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10 wheels method by Ashwin

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hi friends,

as you know this is my first tutorial,

so i am little nervous & i know i have made many spelling mistake during this tutorial,

so please ignore them, it is enough for me that you understand what i have written

please cooperate, thanks


How to add more then 6 wheels to a car

in this tutorial i will explain you how to add 10 custom wheels to a car,

so this is the reason i am using Rhino of SA because it looks grate with 10 wheels,

this tutorial is for Vice city, but we can use this method in GTA III also,

Good luck,


Things you will need

Basic knowledge

before you read you should have basic knowledge

of vehicle modeling, if you don't have then try to open any vehicle

do some little changes & export in vice city,

by repeating this you can learn fast


3d Modeling Software

3ds Max 9 (Recommended)




A Vehicle

that will looks good with 8 or 10 wheels,

for example Bus, Tank, Big & long trucks, etc.

anyways i am using this for Trains in My GTA Vice city Unbelievable TC




open your selected Vehicle in your Modeling software,

i am opening a Tank with 3ds max 9,

user posted image

press 'L' to see wireframe model from left side

like this

user posted image


now choose the locations where you want to add wheels,

then select any wheel & press RMB to view options

then choose 'clone',

user posted image

before you press 'OK' Don't forget to select object as 'copy'.

user posted image

now move the wheel to a new position which will be fine for this new wheel,

repeat this until you fill all your empty position

but remember number of wheels must not exceed 5

like this

user posted image


press 'T' to see top view

now click on any wheel accepting front wheels

make its clone, press move tool & add '-' to its x axis position,

do this again for all new wheels

user posted image


now click on any wheel accepting left front(lf) & right front (rf).

press RMB then choose 'Attach' option, & click on the wheel of other side,

user posted image

so that the pair of wheels become one model

repeat this for all wheels accept front wheels,

user posted image


as you know we have 6 wheel dummy

left front(lf) right front (rf)


left Middle(lm) right middle(rm)


left back(lb) right back(rb)


so move the dummies like this

user posted image

& rename the wheels like this

user posted image


now open hierarchy system, by clicking "graph editor" menu & select "new schematic view"

user posted image

put the wheels in their dummies,


now you are ready to export your 10 wheels Tank,

user posted image

to download the Tank that i have made during this tutorial

please visit





thanks for reading this tutorial, i hope you have learned how to do this,

& in future when you use this method please don't forget to mention my name as a credit,

next time i will come back with another amazing tutorial,


Edited by Ashwin the new boy

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Sounds like an awesome method, shame it doesn't work on SA too. smile.gif

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Thanks, but i am not sure that it works with SA or not,

i have not tried yet,

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Cool! ill try that on my Maz scud laucher (8x8)



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Thanks for showing your interest man,

but i am amazed to see only 2 reply for my this contribution,

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