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Weapon Bullet Spread


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I have been playing through Gta IV for the computer and have noticed all "bullet" type weapons have "nospread".

By this I mean the bullets don't spread out,they all hit the same place no matter how far away I am from a wall/target.

I find this a bit odd as this is a new install of the game I have the most recent version of the game.Trying to give the

weapons a realistic bullet spread I tried editing the accuracy values in the weaponinfo but the spread never

changes,the weapons are still oddly accurate.

Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone found anything to fix this?

Any insight to this would be appriciated. mercie_blink.gif

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This is not a bug, it's a removed feature. Consoles have the normal recoil, PC version does not. I think there was a mod addressing this problem, but you'll have to look for it a bit.

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