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Adding Objects to map


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How do you add objects to the map? For example I want to add some roadworks to the map, just using existing objects.

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I am but I don't want to have to manually load them each time.


Plus when you load them you jump to them and if the objects are destroyed the don't automatically respawn.


Also the opjects seem to fade into view only when you get quite close.


The main problem with using the trainer is that each time you save and load objects with the trainer, they appear slightly higher than when you placed them, so they just keep getting higher above the ground and they just look stupid. Is there any way to fix this?


Is there any way to do it without the trainer?

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Yes there is, the world trade center mod is an example.


Here is a post I said previously,



This is how to do it.


1: Have 3d software program (preferably 3ds max because it have GIMS, this minimizes the need to keep doing unnecessary conversions)

2: Download OpenIV and GIMS found on the tools section of the mod showroom. (In this forum of course).

3: After you completed your modelling process, follow this helpful tutorial: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=471583


For number 3, do not use shadow's plugin for .wdr export, use GIMS to export .odr and use open IV to create .wdr via openformats.


This method got my team to bring in nearly a city block into GTA IV, of course, at the expense of time. Good luck, if you are willing to learn, nothing is hard, believe me and more so, yourself. smile.gif




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I don't want to import custom made objects, I just want to add objects like raodworks barriers etc to the map.

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well you could always import gta 4 map into gims and just add what you want and then delete everything else....just sayin...lol

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