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GTA San Andreas Beta Discussion and Finds


Recommended Posts

3 hours ago, WildBrick142 said:

notusedtext reveals a lot more cut missions than we previously knew of!


//random order cause im too lazy to sort//


Wang Cars asset had two cut missions. The first one is the one we all knew of, Roadside Assistance, the second one was named "Shock To The System"

Roadside Assistance

It appears that you had to steal a tow truck that can be found at a freeway accident and then go and pick up the target car, before the real towtruck would come to pick it up.

  Hide contents
ST3_1 = ~s~ Get to the freeway accident to pick up the tow truck.
ST3_2 = ~s~ Take tow truck to the car to be stolen.
ST3_3 = ~s~You dropped the car. Pick it up again.
ST3_4 = Oh my god! You've damaged my car you stupid man!
ST3_5 = ~s~ Position the tow truck in front of the car. Use the right analogue stick to hook up the car.
ST3_6 = ~s~ Tow the car safely to the lockup.
ST3_7 = Woman: That was fast. I only just phoned the mechanic!
ST3_8 = Woman: Hey where are you going with my car?
ST3_9 = Cop: Hey you stop! POLICE!
ST3_10 = ~r~ The car you had to steal has been destroyed!
ST3_11 = ~r~ The tow truck was destroyed!	  
ST3_12 = Cop: Oh sh*t!
ST3_13 = Cop: Hey you stay away. Petrol spilt everywhere, the place could blow any minute!
ST3_14 = ~s~ Get over to the drive-thru before the real tow-truck arrives.
ST3_15 = ~s~ The police spotted you stealing the tow truck. Get to the hub to lose the heat.
ST3_16 = Cesar: The cops are on to ya. Get back to the lock-up if you want to lose that heat.
ST3_17 = ~s~ Get back to the lock-up to lose the heat.
ST3_18 = ~s~ Get over to the pizza drive-thru.
ST3_19 = ~r~ The real tow truck has arrived. Your cover's blown.
ST3_20 = ~r~ The real tow truck has arrived at the drive-thru. You were too slow.
ST3_21 = The car you're after is broken down at the drive-thru restauraunt.
ST3_22 = There's a tow truck across the other side of town attending a freeway accident.


Shock To The System

As the name probably implies, you had to steal a car by taking it down with EMP.

  Hide contents
STEAL_6 = Shock To The System(steal6-CM)

ST6_T0 = ~s~Pick up Zero's modified car.
ST6_T1 = ~s~Go and get that car.
ST6_T2 = When the car is in range, press the ~O~ button to zap it.
ST6_T3 = The pulse needs time to recharge, choose your shots wisely.
ST6_T4 = Press the ~O~ button!
ST6_T5 = ~s~Take the car!
ST6_T6 = ~s~Head back to the garage.
ST6_T8 = ~s~Get back in the car!
ST6_T9 = ~s~You destroyed the car!
ST6_T10 = ~s~You lost the car!
ST6_T11 = ~s~Zero has modified this car.
ST6_T12 = ~s~It sends out a short-range signal which will slow down your target car.



Cesar (Badlands) had an extra mission, likely before "King in Exile". It was named Knight in Shining Armour and in the mission you had to rescue Cesar and Kendl from gangs attacking them at an observatory.

  Hide contents
BCESAR1 = Knight in Shining Armour(bcesar1-IS)

BCE1_1 = ~s~Get to the observatory fast and rescue Kendal and Cesar.
BCE1_2 = ~s~Get to Kendal and Cesar quickly.
BCE1_3 = ~s~One of the side exits is blocked off by more goons.
BCE1_4 = ~s~Take out the gang members attacking Kendal and Cesar.
BCE1_5 = ~s~Follow Kendal and Cesar round to the back of the observatory.
BCE1_6 = Kendal: There're guys on the roof!
BCE1_7 = Cesar: CJ, take them out quickly!
BCE1_8 = ~s~Make sure Kendal and Cesar get to a car safely.
BCE1_9 = ~s~Get into the getaway car with Kendal and Cesar.
BCE1_16 = ~s~Take Kendal and Cesar back to the hideout.
BCE1_17 = ~s~You've left Kendal behind! Go and get her.
BCE1_18 = ~s~You've left Cesar behind! Go and get him.
BCE1_19 = ~r~Kendal died!
BCE1_20 = ~r~Cesar died!




Similar to Wang Cars Asset, the entire Desert strand also had two (or three?) missions. The infamous "Truth is Out There" and a brand new "Dogfight". There's also a mission 7 called "Parachute" (listed after N.O.E.).

In addition, the "Monster" mission was originally called "Monster Mash".

TORENO1 = Monster Mash(toreno1-DB)

"Monster Mash" was also different from the final Monster - you had to race offroad to pick up packages. Basically Smuggler's Run.

  Hide contents
DES1_1 = ~s~Get to the location and pick up the package before the other racers do.
DES1_2 = ~s~The other racers are driving in pairs, one will go for the package and the other will escort him.
DES1_3 = ~s~If they come across you they will try to shoot you.
DES1_4 = ~s~You have the package take it back to Toreno's ranch. 
DES1_5 = ~r~The package was in that truck, now it has been blown up along with it!
DES1_6 = ~s~One of the other racers has gotten the package, you need to get it back!
DES1_7 = ~s~He's dropped the package, go and collect it before someone else gets their hands on it
DES1_8 = ~s~You have to get the package back here within ~1~ minutes
DES1_9 = ~r~You're out of time!
DES1_12 = ~s~ Follow the ~r~check-points ~s~to find the package before the other racers do.
DES1_13 =  ~s~ It's time to test your off-road driving skills.
DES1_14 = ~r~ One of the other racers has dilivered the package!
DES1_15 = "Get Ready.."
DES1_16 = "GO!"
DES1_17 = ~s~ There's the package, go and collect it.
DES1_18 = ~s~ Add your car to the start line.
DES1_19 = ~s~There will be several markers along the trip to help show you the way.
DES1_20 = ~s~ There are six packages I want you to collect for me, the problem is the other guys are after them as well.
DES1_21 = ~s~If they get there before you do, you're going to have to take them out to get it back.
DES1_35 = ~1~:~1~  
DES1_36 = ~1~:0~1~
DES1_42 = "Depending on how you shape up we may be able to find a use for you."



Dunno what this is, the string was always in the files, and might be a placeholder. Either way it's considered to be the 7th mission in the strand.

DESERT7 = Parachute



This mission would come after Green Goo, and before The Truth is Out There. You had to use the Rustler to escort a plane to San Fierro airport while defending it from attackers.

  Hide contents
DESER11 = Dogfight(desert11-IS)

DES11_1 = Get in the Mustang and escort the plane safely to San Fran Airport.
DES11_2 = Keep the plane in sight and protect it should it come under attack.
DES11_3 = Your losing sight of the plane get in closer!
DES11_4 = You lost sight of the plane!
DES11_5 = The plane is under attack protect it!
DES11_6 = plane health:
DES11_7 = The escort plane got destroyed.
DES11_8 = How you gonna escort the plane now?



The Truth is Out There has no new leftovers unfortunately. But it was the last mission in the strand before moving onto Las Venturas.

Also worth noting that the internal order for missions is different from the actual order in the final game, specifically Stowaway and Black Project swapping places.

  Hide contents
DESERT1 = Monster
DESERT2 = Highjack
DESERT3 = Interdiction
DESERT4 = Verdant Meadows
DESERT5 = Learning to Fly
DESERT7 = Parachute
DESERT8 = Black Project
DESERT9 = Stowaway
DESER10 = Green Goo
DESER11 = Dogfight
DESER12 = The Truth is Out There




Casino strand had a cut mission named... Carnival Float. Unfortunately, the name is all we have, and it would have happened between Fish in a Barrel and Freefall missions. HOWEVER, there's leftovers for a "MAFIA1" mission, and it mentions carnival floats...

  Hide contents
CASINO8 = Carnival Float(casino8-IS)

MAF1_11 = Driver: Uh..
MAF1_12 = Protect the VIP at all costs, take out the RPG's first.
MAF1_13 = VIP: My men are getting cut down Carl!
MAF1_14 = Player: Hang tight!
MAF1_15 = VIP: To our left!
MAF1_16 = VIP: To our right!
MAF1_17 = VIP: Infront of us!
MAF1_18 = VIP: Behind us!
MAF1_21 = "Hey Carl, get that bike!"
MAF1_22 = Watch over the carnival floats The mafia are disguised on top of them.  The mafia will jump off the float and attempt to kill the vip.
MAF1_23 = Only take a shoot when you see one of them make a run for the VIP.
MAF1_24 = The mafia driver is getting away chase him down!
MAF1_25 = VIP died!


So, there's the answer to a long-lasting mystery; a parade float, not a train.



Casino Heist strand had at least 3 cut missions.

HEIST_3 = Time Police response(heist3-AD)
HEIST_6 = Armoured Van Pickup(heist6-CR)
HEIST_7 = The sh*ts(heist7-SL)
HEIST_8 = RC Spy(heist8-DB)

The reason why it's "at least 3" is because "Armoured Van Pickup" sound similar to "Up, Up and Away!" (which is the 5th mission), while in the final game HEIST3 is Key to Her Heart. So.

The final internal order looks like this:

  Hide contents
HEIST_1 = Architectural Espionage
HEIST_2 = Dam and Blast
HEIST_3 = Key to her Heart
HEIST_4 = Cop Wheels
HEIST_5 = Up, Up and Away!
HEIST_9 = Breaking the Bank at Caligula's


Time Police response

No idea what this is, because even the "notusedtext" describes the events exactly as they happen during Key To Her Heart in the final game.


Armoured Van Pickup

In fact, it does seem to be the exact same as the final.

  Hide contents
HEI6_01 = Take the aircraft and go 'pick up' the armored van.
HEI6_02 = Take the armoured van to the drop off.
HEI6_03 = Pick up the armoured van up with the winch.
HEI6_04 = The armored van has been destroyed.			     
HEI6_05 = Get back into the helicopter.
HEI6_06 = You destroyed the helicopter.
HEI6_07 = Drop the armoured van.

...perhaps "time police response" got nuked so hard all the missions shifted a place above?


The sh*ts

1. lol

2. Yes, there's nothing left over


RC Spy

If there's one mission that was already covered by everyone, it's this one. But I'm gonna cover it again for completeness - you had to scope out Caligula's and record a guard using the keypad, using the once-mysterious "RC Cam" drivable flowerpot.

  Hide contents
HEI8_1 = ~s~Go and pick up the RC camera.
HEI8_2 = ~s~Photograph the guard using the keypad. 
HEI8_3 = ~s~Get the camera out in one piece 
HEI8_4 = ~r~The RC camera has been destroyed!
HEI8_5 = ~r~The RC camera has gone out of range!
HEI8_6 = ~s~Park outside the Mafia casino. 
HEI8_7 = ~s~The RC camera is going out of range! Get it back to the casino. 
HEI8_8 = ~s~Get back in the topfun van!
HEI8_9 = ~r~You were spotted by one of the guards!
HEI8_10 = ~s~You need to wait until he's entering the code!
HEI8_11 = ~s~You can take a picture by pressing the R3  button. 
HEI8_12 = ~s~You won't get a clear shot from there, you need to be able to see the keypad!
HEI8_13 = ~s~ Be careful though, the camera wont stand up to close inspection and a moving plant is a dead giveaway. 
HEI8_14 = Camera Health 
HEI8_15 = That's not a plant, it a camera! Don't let it get away!
HEI8_16 = ~s~Lose the guards!
HEI8_17 = ~r~The only security guard that knows the code has been killed!
HEI8_18 = ~s~This looks like a good spot, wait until the guard is using the keypad before pressing the R3  button to record him entering the code.
HEI8_19 = ~s~You need to be able to see the keypad!
HEI8_20 = ~s~SECURITY GUARD: What's that? 
HEI8_21 = ~s~SECURITY GUARD: Something weird is going on around here.
HEI8_22 = ~s~SECURITY GUARD: Must of imagined it.
HEI8_23 = Press the SELECT button to switch camera view
HEI8_24 = Press the SELECT button to switch to 1st person view
HEI8_25 = Press the SELECT button to switch to behind car view




Woozie had a cut mission between Amphibious Assault and The Da Nang Thang. It was called '7'. This mission name is so incomprehensibly long I hope I won't run into the post's character limit.

WUZI_3 = '7'(wuzi3-NF)

You had to sneak into a triad complex and perform a "traditional execution". Oh, and role-play as a gimp.

  Hide contents
WUZ3_01 = ~s~Sneak into the triad complex and perform the traditional execution.
WUZ3_02 = GUARD - 'Aya! That was sore.'
WUZ3_03 = GUARD - 'I need backup!!'
WUZ3_04 = GUARD - 'Eh? What was that?'
WUZ3_05 = GUARD - 'Hey! Who the f*ck are you?'
NOISE = Noise
LIGHT = Light
STEALTH = Stealth
WUZ3_06 = GUARD - 'An intruder!!'
WUZ3_07 = GUARD - 'Guess it was nothing.'
WUZ3_08 = GUARD - 'Eh? I thought I heard something.'
WUZ3_09 = BOSS - 'What's that? An intruder! I'm doing a bolt'
WUZ3_10 = ~s~The boss has escaped!
WUZ3_11 = ~s~The boss got away
WUZ3_12 = ~s~The boss has been alerted and is doing a runner!!
WUZ3_13 = ~t~ = Wear Gimp Outfit
WUZ3_14 = ~s~You are now wearing the Gimp outfit.
WUZ3_15 = GUARD - 'I see you've broken free again, gimp boy.'
WUZ3_16 = GUARD - 'You know the consequences of your actions.'
WUZ3_17 = GUARD - 'Follow me.'
WUZ3_18 = GUARD - 'On you go, they're waiting for you.'
WUZ3_19 = ~s~You've freed the gimp.
WUZ3_20 = ~s~There are a lot of guards in this building.
WUZ3_21 = ~s~Use dark areas to avoid detection.
WUZ3_22 = GUARD - 'Baw bags, I've lost him.'



Mansion strand had an extra mission between Home Coming and Cut Throat Business - Property Magnate. Nothing else to see here.

MAN_4 = Property Magnate(mansion4-SL)

Also, if you were wondering why does everyone shout during Cut Throat Business, it's because, as already covered and well-known, you were flying a helicopter.

  Hide contents
MAN5_01 = ~s~ Take the helicopter and fly Madd Dogg to the Record Label building.
MAN5_02 = MADD DOGG : sh*t the guards have spotted us, get me in close so I can take them out.
MAN5_03 = ~s~ When Madd Dogg starts to aim steady the helicopter by holding down the ~h~L3~w~ button 
MAN5_04 = MADD DOGG : There to far away, get me in closer.
MAN5_05 = MADD DOGG : Ive lost sight of them.
MAN5_06 = Damage
MAN5_07 = Accuracy 
MAN5_08 = MADD DOGG : WATCH OUT! another guard has got a rocket launcher.
MAN5_09 = ~s~ Madd Dogg was killed.
MAN5_10 = ~s~ The Helicopter was destroyed.
MAN5_11 = Madd Dogg Health



An unknown mission for C.R.A.S.H. (CRASH5) had you blow up a motherf*ckin' bridge to steal a van from a convoy. Because being framed for a murder somehow snowballs into this.

  Hide contents
CRSH5_1 = Go and collect the explosives.
CRSH5_2 = Plant the explosives on the bridge before the convoy gets there.
CRSH5_3 = Press L1 to plant the explosives.
CRSH5_4 = Get to a safe distance and blow up the bridge! ~N~ Press R1 to detonate.
CRSH5_5 = Get the van back to the warehouse.
CRSH5_6 = Walk into the corona to open the door.

On that note, CRASH4 was what the final game's Doberman is (take over Glen Park to take out an informant), CRASH3 is Gray Imports, CRASH2 involved going to a dealer's house, waiting until a raid plays out and then recovering at least 1 of 2 drug packages before they get taken to the station & killing the dealer.

  Hide contents
CSH2_01 = Go to the dealers house and wait for the police raid.
CSH2_02 = You were NOT supposed to stop the raid.
CSH2_03 = You allowed one of the drug packages to get to the police station.
CSH2_04 = ~r~You destroyed the drugs in the explosion!
CSH2_05 = ~r~The drugs are lost at the bottom of the sea!
CSH2_06 = The dead cop has dropped the drugs, grab them before anyone else.
CSH2_07 = Move along, this is important police business.
CSH2_08 = If you do not move away you will be arrested for obstruction of justice.
CSH2_09 = Arrest him!
CSH2_10 = The dealer is now safely in police custody. You were supposed to kill him.
CSH2_11 = The police are already on their way here.  Wait for them to arrive.
CSH2_12 = When they have raided the house you must steal 2 packages of drugs from the police and kill the dealer.
CSH2_13 = The dealer is leaving inside the SWAT van. Do not let him get away.
CSH2_14 = One of the drug packages is leaving inside a police car. Do not let it get away.
CSH2_15 = Congratulations. You have killed the dealer.
CSH2_16 = You still need to get both drug packages.
CSH2_17 = You still need to get one of the drug packages.
CSH2_18 = You have one of the packages of drugs. There is one more to get.
CSH2_19 = You still need to kill the dealer.
CSH2_20 = Kill the dealer and get the 2 bales of weed.

And CRASH1 was Burning Desire, as normal.



High Noon was originally a completely different mission, as mentioned in the posts above, you had to bury Hernandez in a hole you dug through an actual minigame before the cops would discover the body and presumably arrest Tenpenny. In the end, all we got is a very simple chase-and-kill-target mission.

  Hide contents
VCR2_2 = Chopper Overhead!
VCR2_4 = ~s~Tenpenny: We gotta get rid of the body. Take the car and head for the motel!
VCR2_5 = ~s~Tenpenny: Cop radio's confirmed my car is hot! Avoid any roadblocks!
VCR2_6 = ~s~Get back in the car and take it to the motel!
VCR2_7 = Motel guy: Officer Tenpenny says you'll be needing this!
VCR2_10 = ~s~Tenpenny: Good! Head out to the aircraft graveyard. I think Hernandez was an enthusiast!
VCR2_11 = ~s~Tenpenny: Listen up! A chopper is on the prowl! Shake him off if you hear 'im!
VCR2_12 = ~s~Tenpenny: He's on your tail! If he gets a good look at your plates, we got a situation!
VCR2_13 = ~s~Tenpenny: Quick! Get away from the chopper!
VCR2_14 = ~s~Tenpenny: sh*t! A positive ID! Now you're in major trouble!
VCR2_15 = ~s~Tenpenny: The chopper is bugging out to refuel!, We got time to dig that hole!
VCR2_16 = ~s~Tenpenny: Keep it up! He's getting low on fuel!
VCR2_17 = ~s~Tenpenny: Nice driving! He's having trouble staying with you!
VCR2_19 = ~r~Tenpenny: Now you've done it! Every *car vaguely matching Tenpenny's* will be stopped!
VCR2_20 = ~r~The car's wrecked and Hernandez is still inside! Great job, dumbass!
VCR2_21 = ~s~Okay, we've got to dig a hole for this corpse before that chopper comes back!
VCR2_22 = ~s~Follow the onscreen prompts! Keep up a steady rhythm! There ain't no going back now!
VCR2_23 = ~s~That chopper is still about! You'll be caught red-handed! Get the car and lose that bug!
VCR2_24 = ~s~Hole depth
VCR2_25 = ~s~Fatigue
VCR2_26 = ~s~Great job, that hole should be big enough now!
VCR2_27 = ~r~sh*t! A half dug-hole looks a bit suspicious don't you think? This place is too hot now!
VCR2_28 = Dig! ~X~
VCR2_29 = Dig! ~o~
VCR2_30 = Dig! ~q~
VCR2_31 = Dig! ~t~
VCR2_32 = ~r~Too slow!
VCR2_33 = ~s~Excellent!
VCR2_34 = ~y~OK!
VCR2_35 = ~r~Poor!



San Fierro C.R.A.S.H. also lost a third mission. In the final game we have SCRASH1 (555 WE TIP) and SCRASH2 (Snail Trail). But the not-used-strings have an SCRASH3 which is identical to 555 WE TIP. So this also means the mission order was different.

SCR_3 = Scrash mission 3 (scrash3.sc)



Madd Dogg, formerly Dr. G, had another mission before the mission named after him. Funnily, the first mission was also named after him; Dr. G.

This mission involved catching a drunk Madd Dogg who stole chips from the (Four Dragons?) casino and taking them back. Simple enough, and you would fail if you killed him.

  Hide contents
DOC_1 = Dr. G(doc1-ST)

DOC1_1 = Quick! That gin-soaked degenerate has a handful of our chips! Now his number is up!
DOC1_2 = Easy boys! There's more than one way to catch a fish! I'll deal with this situation!
DOC1_3 = Ram Dr G's vehicle to coax him out! Don't harm the drunken fool himself!
DOC1_4 = Ram Dr. G!
DOC1_5 = Dr. G: Hey, watch my wheels! She's old but a beauty!
DOC1_6 = Dr. G: Quit it punk!
DOC1_7 = Dr. G: Hey! Smarten up wiseguy! I don't want no trouble!
DOC1_8 = Dr G: This crate is heating up! I'm outta here before I'm singed!
DOC1_9 = Dr G: I got the message! Leave the car alone!
DOC1_10 = Dr G: Damn! I ain't gonna three point turn my way outta here! I'm quittin'!
DOC1_11 = He's getting away! Target him and show that pissbag you're serious!
DOC1_12 = Dr G: Okay! Okay! Get some wheels and I'll turn myself in! I ain't no jaywalker!
DOC1_15 = Get him and my chips back to the casino! He needs straightening out!
DOC1_16 = Dr G: Where you going! My head's pounding here! I need to lie down!
DOC1_17 = You killed Dr G! He'd fallen by the wayside but he still had so much to live for!
DOC1_18 = Good work! Stick the dumbass in a room to sober up boys! Oh, and clean those soiled chips!

Then the next mission, DOC2, would have been the exact same Madd Dogg mission we see in the final game.



Small change to Wear Flowers in Your Hair; you had to go and meet a character named Kylie and follow her somewhere until she falls off her bike. After that you'd go pick up Zero as normal.

GAR1_01 = Lets pick up Jethro
GAR1_02 = Let's go to Dwaine's
GAR1_03 = Let's go pick up Kylie
GAR1_04 = ~s~ Take everyone back to the hideout
GAR1_05 = ~s~ You lost Kylie
GAR1_06 = ~r~Kylie's dead
GAR1_08 = Wait here, i'll get him
GAR1_09 = Stay put.
GAR1_11 = ~r~Kylie's bike got totalled.
GAR1_12 = ~s~ Kylie fell off her bike. Check if she's OK
GAR1_13 = Ok, let's pick up Zero



Finally, the second Zero mission (and possibly the first?) was different and involved carrying the RC Tiger to a roof of a building you had to infiltrate. Must have been scrapped so early on it didn't even have a name yet. The third one was still "Tanked Up" but unfortunately we didn't get any new strings for that. Back then Berkley was also named Melvin, as the 4th mission names him so and the unused strings describe the exact same mission as in the final version.

  Hide contents
ZERO1 = 'ZERO1' 
ZERO2 = 'ZERO2' 

ZER1_2 = ~s~Destroy those helicopters before they stink out the building!
ZER1_3 = ~s~The plane is destroyed!
ZER1_5 = MELVIN: Now you must die.
ZER1_7 = ~s~The RC plane is getting too far out of range!
ZER1_8 = There's more coming. I can feel it.... 

ZER2_1 = ~s~Use RC Baron To Carry RC TIGER To the Roof Of Building
ZER2_3 = ~s~Find the office. It's in RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT department on the ground floor
ZER2_4 = MELVIN: Awwww! Intruder!



Also, unrelated to missions, you could originally buy.... certain gifts, inside the sex shop. The more you know.

SEXCHO = Sex Shop
SEXH2 = ~T~ = Back~N~ ~X~ = Select~N~ ~Q~ = View Item
SEXH3 = ~T~ = Back~N~ ~X~ = Buy


And Cluckin' Bell had more food you could buy

CHIC0 = Little Clucker Happy Meal
CHIC1 = The Cluckin Big Meal
CHIC2 = The Cluckin Burrito Meal
CHIC3 = Cluckin Chicken Wings
CHIC4 = The Cluckin Huge Meal


Mafia1 is actually cut Fish In A Barrel in game mission, script proves it. 



Also, come check our beta hunting discord server, where we, err, already covered what you pointed out, and even more, both from notusedtext and script source😛 


Edited by Brooklynzsmac
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Police officers in beta SA could interact with the environment, kinda like they could in VC, that means they were "closer to normal peds". They could actually hang their elbows from their car windows, and talk with other pedestrians



Now I wonder if there is still voice lines for them talking with pedestrians left in the game files?

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I studied all the cut Stunt Jumps and as a result I can say that many springboards were cut (especially in San Fierro), and we also got a serious rearrangement in the Las Venturas airport, there used to be a springboard at the site of this jump, as well as a duplicate of two warehouses, which is confirmed by the map from Bradygames (Gang Warfare: Building Territory)


Edited by SaH4PoK
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Well this @MrAnderson247 posted a promo kit dvd video and is it gta san andreas beta build and debug menu or a demo?


Someone please talk to this guy if this promo kit is for sale because @Vadim M. has been looking for it for a long time



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can anyone try to download the GTA remaster from Switch version and download even more beta files from there? (I found only the Russian version)

<link removed>

Edited by RedDagger
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41 minutes ago, Kirbar said:

can anyone try to download the GTA remaster from Switch version and download even more beta files from there? (I found only the Russian version)

<link removed>

Sorry, we don't allow links to downloads of game files.

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On 11/18/2021 at 6:47 PM, SaH4PoK said:

I studied all the cut Stunt Jumps and as a result I can say that many springboards were cut (especially in San Fierro), and we also got a serious rearrangement in the Las Venturas airport, there used to be a springboard at the site of this jump, as well as a duplicate of two warehouses, which is confirmed by the map from Bradygames (Gang Warfare: Building Territory)


Yes baby thank you mafamily.

I found a lot of evidence of this.






Hangar did not exist in the beta version where you keep the aircrafts, on the radar is not indicated hangar.



Edited by YufflesGaming
Sangue de jesus tem poder 😉
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This area has been changed twice and should be a replaced building where this gray part compares with this final version.


<< Beta >>



<< Final >>


Edited by YufflesGaming
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2 hours ago, Kirbar said:

yep, but it looks quite atmospheric.

I like.

Yes the ps2 refill with red which is a traffic light bug and was fixed in the final version.

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Rockstsr changed the color of the casino hotel sign from pink to light blue lol.





This was a better find are screenshots but in magazines etc.








Edited by YufflesGaming
Lerm that.
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This image was leaked in 1up but unfortunately the site is broken and outdated abandoned the theme is with defects because these images are with such horrible quality.






Someone from uk please find these images with quality because I need this camera icon urgently.

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On 11/19/2021 at 1:40 AM, YufflesGaming said:

Well this @MrAnderson247 posted a promo kit dvd video and is it gta san andreas beta build and debug menu or a demo?


Someone please talk to this guy if this promo kit is for sale because @Vadim M. has been looking for it for a long time



its just the release game

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Having sex with hookers or girlfriends in a car supposedly have animations. 



Edited by BlackShadowX
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On 12/6/2021 at 11:14 PM, BlackShadowX said:

Having sex with hookers in a car supposedly have animations. 



Those animations were probably intended for SCM-scripted purposes like the rest of the animations in the .IFP file. Apparently, there's an unused(?) type of date in the game's "main.scm" code where you have to get a car for your girlfriend, "park up someplace nice and quiet" and then a cutscene is triggered with these animations used in it.


IDK how that kind of date is triggered but the GFDATE external script does have some (inaccessible?) code in it that calls for these animations.

Edited by H-G
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Icon guns were a little different too and it is seen in the strategy guide for exemple Rifle, Sawn-off, Shotgun.

The rifle icon he looks based on is a Madsen M47?

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On 12/6/2021 at 12:14 PM, BlackShadowX said:

Having sex with hookers in a car supposedly have animations. 



Why Kendl…

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9 minutes ago, BennyGod said:

Why Kendl…

She's the lucky winner for being my dummy model!

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Some of this much you've already seen, but I want to see someone else see the others I've found in my magazines and no one has sh*t.



We are recreating the betas from scratch, maps, scripts, interiors and general contributors helping us make skins and characters, weapons, beta menus panels, x red marker, missions, map radar and icons, vehicles and process will be from our discord. server and download in moddb.

Sources and as evidence:
strategy guide.
real magazines with rare images and dan house information telling about the students' own developments and frincos.

Similar as sab and bftp.


SA Restoring Cut Content.






Edited by YufflesGaming
Thank you for supporting us my friends you guys are cool xd.
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Not sure if this is shared before but according to leaked GTA SA: DE MainSCM source:


Helena's name was "Kylie"


It seems, in beta, CJ supposed to meet "Helena/Kylie" in "Wear Flowers in Your Hair" mission while she's driving a bike. She was supposed to be one of the crew in SF Garage. So CJ becomes her boyfriend after this mission? It seems meeting with Helena/Kylie played out differently in beta.




Katie's name was "Suzie"




Denise's name was "Coochie"


Fun fact: Coochie is a slang for pussy




Maccer's Original name was possibly "Macca"




Kendl called "Kendal" at some point




Some side activities with girlfriends aren't used(?):





LIKES_TO_BE_HIT_BY_PLAYER (Always ends up date if you abuse them in final game)

INT LIKES_FLYING                        




Edited by BlackShadowX
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1 hour ago, BlackShadowX said:

Maccer's Original name was possibly Macca.



This is true in cutscenes and missions kent paul mentions the name "macca" which is maccer beta name.

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Possible Beta Mission Names from leaked MainSCM.





Big Smoke - Sweet & Kendl = BMX Bandits (Sweet and Kendl cutscene name wasn't exist back then?)




Tagging Up Turf = Tagging

Cleaning up the Hood = Clean

Drive-Thru = Chicken Wings

Nines & AK's = Guns Guns Guns (GTAIII Throwback?)

Drive-By = Getto Drive-by

Sweet's Girl = Rescue

Cesar Vialpando = Lowrider Comp Part 1

Los Sepulcros = Grave Misfortune

Doberman = Doberman

Reuniting the Families = Motel Deal

The Green Sabre = Killers Cutlass

Beat Down on B Dup = Beat Down on B Dup

Grove 4 Life = Grove 4 Life

Los Desperados = DESPERADOS

End of the Line = CARTER BLOCK




Ryder = Haircut, Gym + Robbery

Home Invasion = Burglary

Catalyst = Ammo Train Truck

Robbing Uncle Sam = National Guard


Big Smoke: 


OG Loc = Payback

Running Dog = Northern Mexican Chase

Wrong Side of the Tracks = Train Chase

Just Business = Dodgy Dealings





Burning Desire = Burning Desire

Gray Impounds = Docks Shootout

Badlands = Witness Protection

Misappropriation = Uber Chase

High Noon = High Noon



OG Loc:


Life's a Beach = GTS

Madd Dogg's Rhymes = Steal from DocG (Madd Dogg was originally DocG?) (Edit: Yes Madd Dogg was called DocG in beta!)

Management Issues = Kill G's manager

House Party = House Party


Cesar Vialpando:


High Stakes, Low-rider = Race

Impound (also known as Impounded) (Cut Mission)

Shock To The System (Cut Mission)

Wu Zi Mu = Badlands Race 1

Farewell, My Love = Badlands Race 2





Tanker Commander = Rob Gas

Local Liquor Store = Rob Liquor

Against All Odds = Rob OTB

Small Town Bank = Rob Bank

(These are not internal names for these missions. They sound really primitive though. They could be placeholders)


Truck Stop = Cut Mission

Lodge = Cut Mission (?)


The Truth:


Body Harvest = Body Harvest

Are you Going to San Fierro? = Full Head Of Green

Don Peyote = Paul & Maccer

Black Project = Steal Jetpack

Green Goo = Train Heist


San Fierro Garage: 


Wear Flowers in your Head = Welcome to San Fran

Deconstruction = Demolition

555 WE TIP = Plant The Drugs

Snail Trail = Follow the Ped (Could be placeholder)

Photo Opportunity = Recon

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom = Los Cabras Crack Lab (Los Cabras stands for a beta location?)

Zeroing In = Follow Steal

Test Drive = Steal from Car Showroom

Customs Fast Track = Car Crane

Puncture Wounds = Stinger Trap


Wu Zi Mu:


Mountain Cloud Boys = Meet The People

Ran Fa Li = Airport Pickup

Lure = Cross Country Decoy 

Amphibious Assault = Swimming With The Sharks

The Da Nang Thang = Storm Freighter

Fender Ketchup = Wind Up

Explosive Situation = Explosive Situation

You've Had Your Chips = Fake Chips

A Home In The Hills = Take Back G's Mansion





Jizzy = Blonde Ambition

T-Bone Mendez = Bike Bust Up

Mike Toreno = Hostage

Outrider = Outrider

Ice Cold Killa = Call To Arms

Pier 69 = Pier69

Toreno's Last Flight = Toreno's Plane




Air Raid = Scramble

Supply Lines... = Rolling Thunder

Tanked Up - Cut Mission

New Model Army = Return Fire


Mike Toreno:


Monster = Monster Mash

Highjack = Highjack

Interdiction = Contraband

Verdant Meadows = Verdant Meadows

N.O.E. = N.O.E.

Stowaway = C3 Shootout





Architectural Espionage = Photo Plans

Key To Her Heart = Girlfriend

Dam and Blast = Dam Charges 

Cop Wheels = Street Hawk

Up, Up And Away! = Steal Heli Magnate

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's = The Heist


Caligula's Casino:


Intensive Care = Hospital Hi Jinx

The Meat Business = Abattoir / Meat Business (without "the")

Freefall = Freefall

Saint Mark's Bistro = St. Marks Bistro



Madd Dogg (includes missions in his mansion):


Madd Dogg = Jumper

Vertical Bird = Steal Harrier

Home Coming = Pick up Sweet

Cut Throat Business = Take down MC Strap (OG Loc was originally named MC Strap. At one point his name was Mc Loc too!)

Riot = RIOT!






Edited by BlackShadowX
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"Ryder" was called Menace, just like how some mods replaced "Big Smoke" with that name, however it originally belonged to Ryder's mission - even more proof for that is the leaked SCM source which as well calls it as "Menace II Society" and there was some magazine saying Menace was the mission name


Los Cabras seems to be beta name for Loco Syndicate


Edited by HeySlickThatsMe
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17 hours ago, HeySlickThatsMe said:

"Ryder" was called Menace, just like how some mods replaced "Big Smoke" with that name, however it originally belonged to Ryder's mission - even more proof for that is the leaked SCM source which as well calls it as "Menace II Society" and there was some magazine saying Menace was the mission name


Los Cabras seems to be beta name for Loco Syndicate



Big smoke original name was possibly "Carter" too

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14 minutes ago, YufflesGaming said:


Big smoke original name was possibly "Carter" too


If you're talking about his Crack Palace files having "carter" in the name I believe that's because the building is based off The Carter Building in the movie New Jack City. Though that might have been his original name, being another reference to the movie.

Edited by ChumCrumpet
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23 minutes ago, ChumCrumpet said:

If you're talking about his Crack Palace files having "carter" in the name I believe that's because the building is based off The Carter Building in the movie New Jack City. Though that might have been his original name, being another reference to the movie.

This I already know.

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2 hours ago, YufflesGaming said:

This I already know.


Then why would you assume Smoke's prototype name was "Carter"?

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