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SA weapons to VC


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Can anyone explain how to convert SA weapon models (not default ones) to VC? I know I have to use 3dsmax with kam's plugin and sh*t, but a futher tutorial would be appreciated, I hope it doesn't require much sh*t to do.

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god this is such a f*cking joke, I see hellloads of screens where peeps converted SA guns to VC for their personal use, yet when I ask a simple question nobody is there to answer..

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We have f*cking lives too, roz.


They're just models. You should be able to just export them to VC format and replace the old ones from the gta.img file. Same with the textures. The weapons may not be centered in the actor's hand perfectly, in which case you'll need to move the gun in 3ds Max. Or, just import the VC weapons to 3ds Max and resize and position the SA models where the VC ones were.


And you're not supposed to modify or convert others' mods...


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that wasn't so hard, was it? funny how after I got appalled, I got immediate answer


i'm using to for personal uses only, I'm not planning to release it or anything. Thanks for answer.

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