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Persistent world


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Is it possible to make a mod where cars and peds stay in an area without disappearing, for longer.


eg. I park a car and even when i drive off and come back like 5 minutes later, it's still there.


That sort of thing would be awesome for "contagium" cause you could make mini forts of cars that stay for ages.


Thank you.

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It is possible to make such a mod, but I don't think there's a single mod that makes everything persistent. The obvious issue with a more persistent world is that it'll have more cars and peds at once, using more memory and CPU.


However, some mods do it for some things. Like Vehicle Selector, which lets you buy cars that will stay wherever you park them.


Also, I made a mod called Criminal Record that makes cops more persistent, but only within a certain range (configurable). This will work better in the next version, which I'll release soon, but the persistent cops still have some bugs.

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Thanks Man.


Do you know any mods for 1.0.6 that are really great? Like major conversions?


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